It’s really true how you don’t miss something until its gone, right?

I took a break from this space because I just felt so overwhelmed, but then this morning as I was sitting and eating my toast I was reminded of this place. This post came to mind and as I sat and read through it, I was reminded how this place served as a creative outlet for me for so long.

My days are now filled with homeschooling my four babes while trying to juggle working from home and I felt busy and unprepared at the time and parts of me that all those things demanded. So I let this place slip away.

It’s kind of what we do as women, isn’t it?

When life is demanding and we are juggling lots of different plates, the one that’s easiest to set down is our own. The one that wont be noticed if it quietly gets put away. We do this because we know that life has to keep going, the plates have to continue to juggle, and we can’t let the plates that hold our home, faith, husband, children, school, and work fall and break, because those don’t juggle in anyone’s hands but our own.

But our plate, the one no one sees, the one that’s in the background, the one that is quietly filled in the wee hours of morning or late into the night, that plate is the safest to let fall. That plate doesn’t have anyone on it but you.

But you know what I’ve learned?

I have learned that all the other plates turn into a blur of mess and crazy when we don’t let our own in the mix too.

I have kind of let myself slip away this past year. My own personal wellness in mind, body, and spirit. And I thought it was good. I thought it was right. I thought it had to happen. But you know what, it didn’t.

And it shouldn’t.

Because nothing is good and right if I am not. If my heart isn’t filled with His word, if my mind isn’t stimulated by what drives me, if my fingers aren’t having words spilling out of them, or my muscles aren’t aching from workouts, I am not my best self. In fact I wont ever be my best self if I am not treating myself as though I am worth it.

So today, I am taking a stand. I am digging in, I am picking up my plate and I am adding it back into the mix. I am letting my fingers hit the keys, putting the emails on hold, soaking a little bit longer in the tub, and claiming myself worth it.

Because if my plate isn’t full of all the good things that feed my soul, theirs wont be either.

So hello old friend, thank you for always saving a space for me, no matter how long I put you away.


Oh my dears….it’s been SO long since we have chatted. How are you all!?

I hope this post finds you all well, but I just HAD to share with you!

We were given the opportunity to try a pair of Freshly Picked mocs and I must say, I was ecstatic!!! My sweet little babes have been deprived in the mocs department and I have always wanted to try these beauties out so I was just so thankful that we were given this opportunity!

PicTapGo-Image (2)

I fell in love with this company back when I saw Susan on Shark Tank. I mean who can’t have love for this mama who worked hard and made her dream and passion a reality…!! Absolutely amazing!!

So when we got our package at the door, I ripped it open and immediately put them on baby boys feet. With him being number four, shoes need to be able to be slipped on fast, and stay on. And I could already tell I was going to be completely smitten by these! They slipped right on his chubby little feet and he had zero complaints. They are seriously adorable and go with anything. I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much we love these sweet shoes. Even the grown kids are asking for a pair…good thing they have their next step, hard sole mocs now!!! Just gotta get those in some bigger big boy sizes;)

I am absolutely so in love with these sweet shoes and am beyond excited to share with one of you all! Hop on over to my Instagram feed to enter the giveaway to win a pair for your sweet babe!!!

PicTapGo-Image (3)

Yesterday afternoon I stole the boys away and we went to the mall. I don’t even know if my kids really know what a mall is because we never go, Target what!?! 

So of course their overstimulated eyes were like glowing as they oohed and awed at every single store. At first it was cute but then became terrifying because I kept thinking I was going to have to buy all the dishes in Anthro because, well, boys. But after that catastrophe was avoided I took a step back and just watched them be, kids.

Life is so funny, because kids grow so.dang.fast.


You spend a few years just trying to keep them alive and then they are all legs and get that stinky kid smell and you sit back and wonder how the heck you got there.

So as we ran through the mall, literally. We walked past build a bear. Mind you, my kids don’t even know what build a bear is because I hate stuffed animals, I feel like they waste money and space and I don’t even think twice when I pile them into the Goodwill bag. But I looked in, and then I looked at my boys. MY BOYS. My grown, tall, smart, stinky, loving BOYS and knew that we needed to do this. So without a second thought I walked them in and let them pick out their favorite, clearance, stuffed animal and we went through the process.

I think they were so shocked that they were actually doing it they were quiet and just taking it all in, but then I saw the cool factor fade away and they were kids. Cute, innocent, little kids who were over the moon excited. They laughed and smiled and just genuinely were so happy that I couldn’t help but let my heart melt into a puddle on the ground.

They must have thanked me a hundred times as they beamed with pride and excitement carrying those little cardboard boxes, but I was secretly thanking them inside. Thanking them for being kids still, innocent little boys who still appreciate something like that. Who still truly love to be with me, and thank me, and do kid things like this, because when they don’t want to anymore I think I will be a giant mess of a mess who doesn’t know what to do with herself.

These boys man. They are something else. They drive me crazy and fill me with so much love and pride that I don’t even know what to think.

But one thing I do know, the unexpected surprises, those are the best ever to give. Way better than ever receiving. And yesterday, as simple and normal as it was, is a day I will tuck away for a very long time.


About four months ago I made the decision to fully pursue the business side of Young Living Essential Oils. I know, I know, who isn’t these days right?

But after using the product, loving the product, and having our lives changed by the product I couldn’t help but want to share.

I am a stay at home mama. A homeschooling stay at home mama. And so to me, this opportunity seemed perfect. Something I could do during naptime, or in the evenings when they were asleep, and schedule a couple classes a month, all the while still being at home and being present, win/win, right? Once I began focusing on how to do this business I knew I wanted to create a team, a unified community that would allow people to feel welcomed and informed and educated in how to better their families lives naturally. So with the help of two beautiful friends, we did just that. When I say friends, I feel like that doesn’t even cut it. These girls are girls I dream with, girls who dream with me, and encourage and love on me. It’s a pretty fantastic partnership and friendship, that’s for sure. So the three of us worked our tails off, and through much prayer, love, and work, launched Joy Drop Culture.

Joy drop culture is a community of people who are on a mission to better their health and wellness naturally, through essential oils. But not only that friends, its a place to feel encouraged in all aspects of life. Its a wonderful community of friends and like minded people. I couldn’t have made everything work out better if I tried. Our vision and our dream is playing out right in front of my eyes, its beautiful and amazing.

But like anything, when things begin to unfold in front of you, you can lose sight on the thing that matters most, and that is something I never want to allow myself to do. I never want to lose sight of the one person who makes all things possible. Jesus must be at the forefront of everything we do, or it will all fall apart, and I know that.

I am a visionary, I see the bigger picture, I envision what I want and I go for it, and friends that is what I want in this business, I will go to the top, but it wont be easy. And being a person who has the patience of a squirrel I tend to forget that.

But He doesn’t.

During my quiet time this morning, that unfortunately hasn’t been happening as much as it should be, I flipped right to 1 Corinthians 4:11-13

But each should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light.

That was exactly what I needed to hear, at the exact moment I needed to hear it. I cannot build the foundation of this business, or my family, or my life, on anything else but Jesus Christ. His foundation is the only foundation that is solid and that will stand the test of time. No matter what I try and do on my own it will crumble. And when it crumbles I will only be saved through the flames. I must allow His hands to be at the center of what I am doing. I must be on my knees asking and seeking guidance and looking at my organization as a blessing from Him. These people were brought into my life for a reason. How can I serve them? What can I do to help them better themselves and their families? How can I shepherd and lead and guide them if Jesus isn’t at the center of this business?

Every single step I take needs to be behind Him. I can’t sprint to the finish line, no matter how badly I want to, if He hasn’t led me there yet. I need to allow that foundation to be built and allow Him to make it firm and steady and secure, and then, then this business will be bigger than I could ever ask or imagine. And then I will be able to look and exclaim, His ways are always better than my own. Because aren’t they?

If you are on my team, know that you are constantly being prayed over. You are loved and I feel so blessed to be on this journey with you. There is a reason you are where you are, and I will prayerfully be helping you lead a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance, because Lord willing, that is the best kind of life!!

If you aren’t on my team, I would love to have you, this whole journey has been such an amazing and fun ride, and it’s nowhere close to being finished:)

We began our homeschool year last week.

It is so crazy to me the journey that the Lord can take us on. Just last year as I was prepping the boys and rushing them out the door I was so thankful to have the days to myself, to have someone else in charge of their learning, and to just be able to do my own thing for a few hours during the day.

While none of those thoughts have really changed…I still love my alone time and crave it, I still think that I need to be able to do my own thing, I have began to see the change in my heart about me wanting to be the one in charge of their learning. Seeing their eyes opened to new things, allowing them to explore what interests them, and helping to instill a true love for learning, that is now so exciting to me.


Since beginning this year I am noticing such a huge change in our family dynamic. What was once rushed hurried and chaotic is now less stressful, relaxed, and slow. I see the changes in just their everyday actions, my older son who tends to be more anxious is now more at ease in the slowness of our days, my other son who is more inquisitive is excited to learn more and spend less and less time behind a screen. My boys used to spend most of their days fighting and arguing and being truly hurtful to one another, now they are spending their days laughing and playing and really building that stronger relationship that I always longed they had.

I can say all of this is because I decided to make that change, or I can be honest and say that all of this is the fruition of years of prayers. Years of tears and hard work and anguish over how to better their education. How to help them where the school couldn’t. And years of being on my knees asking the Lord to help but still running into the same dead end. What seemed like a dead end at the time, was now just a stepping stone to where we are now. Mainly because my heart didn’t change overnight. It wasn’t some shift that just clicked into gear, it was a slow change and one that I went through kicking, screaming, and clawing all the while telling the Lord that he was crazy and I knew better. But once I allowed that shift, and I really needed that shift I began to allow the Lord to make my heart ready for it, and then the prayers started to be answered.

I think that’s the way most things work. As stubborn hard hearted people we need to need the change to really allow God to work. But God, thankfully doesn’t give up on that, He doesn’t see our stubbornness and walk away, no, He sees that stubbornness and gently pushes and guides us into the direction we need to go, the direction that is best for us, and the direction He ultimately always had planned for us.


You see, His ways are greater than ours, they are bigger and better than we could ever ask or imagine. We just have to get out of our own way and allow Him to work, because I can guarantee you that in hindsight it will always be better then what you could have ever accomplished on your own.

I have been kind of struggling lately with all the things of this world. Friends, my faith is secure, I know who made me , who loves me, and where I am going, but I am human and I have good old (or maybe bad old) human thoughts.

I think it may be partially from my rebirth on Facebook. You see and are bombarded with so much life stuff at such a high rate in such a small amount of time, that if one doesn’t have a firm foundation I can only imagine you would get quickly swayed one way or another. It’s a constant battle with me at least, to try and scroll real fast when I see something controversial with angry heated comments, or to push aside a comment that was directed towards me that was anything but kind.

The seeds Young Living plants are

In the past few years the Lord has been working some serious stuff in my heart. I was such a righteous Christian just a few years ago. Like a go and get Chick-Fila to make a statement kind of Christian.

Yes I did that.

Yes I have some serious head shaking that happens when I think of it.

Not because of what they believed. Because I do believe the Bible is the true inspired word of God. A book I should live by and believe in with my whole heart.

But because of the statement I was trying to make.

When we do things with the motive to make a statement, is that love? When we want our views and words to be heard and seen and believed, is that love?

Friends in the true inspired word of God He states this…

So whatever you believe about these things keep them between yourself and God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves. Romans 15:22

So back to that Facebook thing. How much of what we post is lifting our own agenda, and how much of what we post is out of love?

I have been so guilty of getting sucked into that silly share button. You know that one that just begs you to push it. It’s like you read something that hits some crazy emotion inside of you and that share button just looks at you and says…me, me, push me, they just have to read this.

Or is that just me?

I’ll read something and say yes, yes, yes!

And think (or not think) okay they need to hear this. Whether it be about politics, or vaccines, or our food wars. But if I am not hitting share out of love, then what am I really doing?

Am I condemning others and their beliefs? Or trying to lift myself up? Or do I push share with a certain person in mind? If the answer to those questions is yes, then I am failing those around me and even more so I am failing at loving others like myself.

This world has so much yuck in it.

So much hate, so much evil, so much of everything but love that I don’t even need to contribute more to it.

So hear me on this, I am here to try my hardest to spread love. In a world full of hate I pray that His little light shines bright in my every corner of the internet.

Can it in your’s too?


Oh goodness gracious it is so crazy lately. Schools out for….ever now;) well not really but choosing to bring all four of my kids home and educate them here creates a complete change in our schedule. One I am still not used to, but also one that I am so excited about and cannot wait to get started.

Have y’all heard of Classical Conversations?

If you haven’t, and are a homeschooling family, take a peek around that webpage..its an awesome curriculum and one that I am so blessed to be a part of!!

If you didn’t notice, our team, Joy Drop Culture, is growing like crazy. Our website launched at the beginning of the month and we have had a pretty full calendar of classes and business launches and I am incredibly blessed by this new venture.

It’s funny how my word for the year was slow and it has felt anything but that. But then when I take a step back I see God refining me in the busy. Even though its busy, he is teaching me how to carve out my moments of slow. How to see the good in all the crazy, because friends, its really, really, good.

I am sorry its been so long, but my heart knows that I need to let go of certain things, again the gift of the Lord refining me, and I am okay with that. Follow along on our team site, and follow along on facebook. And if you want to join in on this amazing oily journey, I would love to have ya! Shoot me an email, ashley@crazysimplelove.com we can chat about all the exciting goodness that is to come!


I wrote a brief caption about this last night on my Instagram but I can’t help but speak on it a little more here.

Comparison is something I have struggled with for a very long time. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and forget about what you have, isn’t it?

I spent the last week trying to figure out why my eye was twitching. It wouldn’t stop, in fact it bothered me so much I found myself praying for it to stop, but I didn’t know why it was doing it. I wasn’t stressed, I hadn’t had a particularly hard week, lots of fun and exciting things were happening.

I felt happy.

But it just wouldn’t stop.

Finally on Friday night right before our essential oils 101 class I found myself smelling the aroma of the oil blend release. I was particularly drawn to it and just kept inhaling it. I looked over at my friend and mentioned how my head almost felt lighter not like I was going to pass out or anything but almost as if I was floating, I kept saying how I had never felt something like that.


Then out of nowhere in the middle of a normal conversation the tears fell. I tried to stop them, and they weren’t pouring out by any means, but they fell. And I felt even lighter. Like a release, like the oil blend had done exactly what it was intended to do.

I looked at my sweet friend in amazement saying how I had no idea what I was being released from. It was the most bizarre situation I had ever been in. I felt better from something that I didn’t even know was bothering me.

The night went on, the next day went on, I praised the oil and the Lord for doing a work in me, but I didn’t know what the work was.

Then Saturday evening came.

We sat through church and the entire night we were listening to the pastor speak about comparison.


The thief of joy.

A never ending battle.

A no win game.



Rotting to the soul.


Near impossible to overcome without the Lord.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Everything I had touched lately I was comparing to others.

My children, my marriage, my home, myself, my blog, my social media outlets, the way I spent my days, and on and on and on.

Goodness gracious I was eating myself alive with comparison.

But goodness gracious my Lord is mighty to save.

Do not fear, do not be anxious, I will never leave you, or forsake you.

He revealed my need to me, in a gentle and slow way. In the way He knew I would respond and take recognition to.

The twitching, the release, the church service, my heart.

It was all how He planned, all how He wanted, and all that I needed.

Comparison is ugly.

It will rot your bones, make your heart a dark place even before you know its there, and it is almost impossible to overcome alone.

But God.

God is good.

God loves you and wants you to overcome it.


Look at all you have friends, look at it, take inventory and be thankful for all He has given you. Then look at your friend or your neighbor or the girl on your social media channel and thank the Lord for the work He has done in them, for all he has given them, for all He will give them.

And release it.

God is good, all of the time. 



Cold and flu season is dwindling down but if your kids are anything like mine they hang onto the coughs until the bitter end.

This trio however, liquid gold I tell ya. 

I slather this on before bed and add to the diffuser and it quickly calms that nagging and annoying cough.

We know thieves is amazing at killing any and all bacteria or viruses and we know frankincense is great at promoting lung health and is a great immunity boosting oil, but R.C., y’all this is a must have. R.C. is a blend of eucalyptus oils that helps to promote healthy lung function. It’s also great at opening up bronchial tubes that are inflamed or even sinuses that are full.

You need this trio in your arsenal!

I can so confidently say that these oils are helping my kids have a better life, you know why?

Every.single.year. we have spent weeks in the hospital due to respiratory issues and this year?

Not one.

In fact, my sickly son hasn’t even come down with a cold.

All the praise hands friend.

And I truly believe this is because God created mighty natural plants to help keep us healthy and through prayer we have been using those natural resources.

I don’t know about you but this is life changing.

Want in?

Want to get your oils for free?

Want to join our awsomely amazingly encouraging and growing team?

Please, please, please, email me.

We are working together to make essential oils less scary, and more exciting.


Lately, I have been shown the overwhelming grace of Gods timing.

Everything in its season and time.


I just sit here in amazement at the place where I am at…

This place, right here, right now. 

Everything that I am surrounded by are dreams that weren’t ever even dreamed.

I have friends that I never knew would be in my life really in my life and filling me up with truth every single day. I have children I didn’t even think I would ever have filling my home with joyful noise. I have a home I never intended to live in but now love. All these things are over and beyond anything I ever dreamed or planned.

Do you ever feel these things?

An overwhelming sense of satisfaction in His will over yours?

I mean goodness, if I was in control of this plan, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am.

Yet the things that brought me here aren’t things I would have even used.

Heartache, pain, loss, sorrow, stress, anxiety, guilt, worry.


All bad things. All things I would never think would produce good everlasting fruit.

But God.

But God takes those things and uses them for His glory.

Thank God.

Am I right!?

I just pray I keep being clay…clay that is soft and ready to be molded and shaped, not clay that hardens and dries out not willing to be transformed into his glorious plan.

Friends. I pray that you have these moments.

The ones that are so good they are hard to understand and couldn’t come from anywhere else except from Him, and I pray that you too remain clay, soft and pliable and ready to mold into whatever it is he has planned for you.