Do y’all remember that game you would play when you were a kid…. “Never would I ever…” You would make up some funny one liner, or a very serious, not even a hint of a joke, never would you ever statement. But either way, it would always include a circle of you and your friends all sharing your biggest never ever ever statements. That game is all fun and stuff when you’re little but I feel like the second that… Read more »

I was driving down the freeway last week and my phone rang. I don’t know about y’all but usually when my phone rings I silence it and text the person back to see what they needed or wanted to talk about. I’m not really a phone person, while I have gotten much better over the years, and I do have my select circle that I can talk to for hours now, outside of that circle, everything in my body literally… Read more »

It’s really true how you don’t miss something until its gone, right? I took a break from this space because I just felt so overwhelmed, but then this morning as I was sitting and eating my toast I was reminded of this place. This post came to mind and as I sat and read through it, I was reminded how this place served as a creative outlet for me for so long. My days are now filled with homeschooling my… Read more »

Oh my dears….it’s been SO long since we have chatted. How are you all!? I hope this post finds you all well, but I just HAD to share with you! We were given the opportunity to try a pair of Freshly Picked mocs and I must say, I was ecstatic!!! My sweet little babes have been deprived in the mocs department and I have always wanted to try these beauties out so I was just so thankful that we were… Read more »

Yesterday afternoon I stole the boys away and we went to the mall. I don’t even know if my kids really know what a mall is because we never go, Target what!?!  So of course their overstimulated eyes were like glowing as they oohed and awed at every single store. At first it was cute but then became terrifying because I kept thinking I was going to have to buy all the dishes in Anthro because, well, boys. But after that catastrophe was… Read more »

About four months ago I made the decision to fully pursue the business side of Young Living Essential Oils. I know, I know, who isn’t these days right? But after using the product, loving the product, and having our lives changed by the product I couldn’t help but want to share. I am a stay at home mama. A homeschooling stay at home mama. And so to me, this opportunity seemed perfect. Something I could do during naptime, or in… Read more »

We began our homeschool year last week. It is so crazy to me the journey that the Lord can take us on. Just last year as I was prepping the boys and rushing them out the door I was so thankful to have the days to myself, to have someone else in charge of their learning, and to just be able to do my own thing for a few hours during the day. While none of those thoughts have really changed…I… Read more »

I have been kind of struggling lately with all the things of this world. Friends, my faith is secure, I know who made me , who loves me, and where I am going, but I am human and I have good old (or maybe bad old) human thoughts. I think it may be partially from my rebirth on Facebook. You see and are bombarded with so much life stuff at such a high rate in such a small amount of… Read more »

Oh goodness gracious it is so crazy lately. Schools out for….ever now;) well not really but choosing to bring all four of my kids home and educate them here creates a complete change in our schedule. One I am still not used to, but also one that I am so excited about and cannot wait to get started. Have y’all heard of Classical Conversations? If you haven’t, and are a homeschooling family, take a peek around that webpage..its an awesome… Read more »

I wrote a brief caption about this last night on my Instagram but I can’t help but speak on it a little more here. Comparison is something I have struggled with for a very long time. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and forget about what you have, isn’t it? I spent the last week trying to figure out why my eye was twitching. It wouldn’t stop, in fact it bothered me so… Read more »