Remember that time when I unpacked the premium starter kit with y’all? Well, I think I should finish it, don’t you? We have already discussed, what essential oils are, lavender, frankincense, purification, and thieves oil. So today we are unpacking lemon essential oil. Lemon is just that. 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon essential oil. In fact, because these are such concentrated oils it takes about 75 lemons to make up a full size bottle of lemon oil. Young Living’s lemon essential… Read more »

Someone turned four on Valentines Day. Someone else failed at writing anything about that. Goodness gracious I couldn’t let this beautiful milestone go undocumented. Her only two requests… A tea party with no boys allowed. Because, boys run and yell and are loud of course. So that is exactly what I did. Can I let you in on a little secret? I have been dreaming about this day since before she was ever thought of. It was perfect, and sweet,… Read more »

Every day I drive past this little teeny tiny church. And everyday for the past four weeks this message has been posted on the bulletin, change is made out of metal because it is hard For a few weeks I just laughed at the clever statement, but then slowly I began to see this exact statement thread through every part of my day. Isn’t it funny how things like that happen? I feel a tug on my heart, knowing that… Read more »

My oldest son just started playing football for the very first time. I think that I kind of love it. I love seeing him on a team interacting and having fun with other kids, mainly because this has always been a struggle, but I also love the discipline I see this sport teaching him. Taking a knee before the coach, huddling with his team coming up with plays, listening and working together, and pushing himself to hustle and follow directions…. Read more »

I am looking for you. The mama who wants to spend more time with her kids. The college student looking to make ends meet. The young woman who needs a little extra income without a lot of work. The friend who wants to help those around her achieve a healthier lifestyle. The student who is energized and excited to learn. Let me pour into you. Let me help you build a real business from the comfort of your home. Let… Read more »

via Friends, I am loving pinterest lately. I just hop on at the end of the night usually, you know during the commercial breaks of all my favorite shows, which I am embarrassed to say is like a million. If you want to see what I am crushing on join me, and be sure to leave your name in the comments, I am totally needing some new friends:) Have y’all seen the Apple watches? Pretty fantastic, yea? Well check out… Read more »

I read a blog post yesterday by Ashley of Under The Sycamore. It hit me so hard. In it she talked about a conference she had been to and a speaker who had related the weeks you have with your child from birth to age 18. He said to place a marble in a jar symbolizing each week…and each week that passed to remove one. It was intended to give you a visual of how quickly the time truly does… Read more »

Good morning my sweet friends. I just wanted to stop by real fast and offer out the invite to my online Essential Oils 101 class that will be happening tomorrow evening. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by essential oils, not sure where to start, want more information, or just feel like you aren’t able to really use your oils, or want to start dipping your toes in the business side of essential oils, please join me. I am a… Read more »

My church has been focusing on love the past month or so, and not love as an adjective but love as a verb. Love as an action, love doing something so others see it and feel it. They have kind of been knocking it out of the park lately with this series, because in all honesty there was a time last year when I felt so disconnected from church, and not just my church, but any church. You see God had… Read more »

I have had a date written on the calender for a few weeks now. A certain little girl has been dying to see Cinderella. DYING. So, finally as I tucked her into bed last night she looked up and asked, one more sleepover? Yes my love, one more. How special these ages are. The ones where spending time with Mommy and Daddy is an actual treat. I know how quickly that will fade and I want to try my hardest… Read more »