I don’t know about you but waiting is such a hard thing for me. Being stuck in the unknown, being caught in the in-between, not having answers, all of those are huge anxieties I struggle with. I mentioned a few weeks back how I was hopefully going to be sharing with you the beautiful story God had written for us regarding our new home. Well, this process has been nothing short of easy. Nothing has been cut and dry, not… Read more »

As Christians its easy for us to speak love, to share Christs love, and to spout off every Bible verse pertaining to it, but is that really love? Is that something I am sharing because I care about a person more than myself? Or am I just doing that to make myself look better? Or feel better? Or seem better? As I look back at years prior I see that every part of me that thought I was loving was… Read more »

source Can I just start out by saying, God is good. Like, so good. I have spent some quiet time away from this space lately, and to be honest, I miss my fingers punching these keys, and I miss my thoughts just pouring out, but it has been good. In a world that is so fast paced and one that never turns off, quiet is good. I think I can speak for most moms when I say that I spend… Read more »

This last weekend we decided to explore outside our cabin a little bit. We have been having some very trying times lately and a little fresh air and change of scenery felt like the right thing to do. We found ourselves driving down a bumpy dirt road, mud flying up into the air from the tires, mist hitting our faces as we peeked outside the window at the beautiful country enveloping us from all sides, and Gods creatures just wandering… Read more »

For an entire year my son asked for a party at Great Skate. For an entire year I said no. Somewhere along the way, moving got planned, babies were born (not mine) and his birthday began to look like it was going to take a back seat. I love birthdays too much for that to happen. And honestly my house is torn apart right now. So, I said yes. And it was the happiest yes I have said in a… Read more »

source My heart welled up and then the tears exploded. I didn’t quite realize it was happening until it was already consuming me. I had been carrying something heavy in my heart for quite some time and God was finally showing up and telling me it was time, all or nothing, no more little pieces, no more stepping forward only to run back, no more saying I would forgive only to snatch it back. It was time. This song came on… Read more »

There is great power in prayer. Like huge. Yeah? Honestly I have never been a very good prayer warrior. Its a constant struggle of mine, one that I know I should be doing and that I concentrate on and do good with for a little while, but then get busy and forget, or even worse fall asleep in the middle of. Someone told me once what a beautiful thing it is to fall asleep in the middle of prayer. Your last… Read more »

source Following Gods promptings is kind of a scary thing, yeah?! I have always felt like I am pretty good at seeing those moments. The ones that He places before me. The tasks that I should complete in His name, for His glory. But lately I have felt like I have been playing it safe. And maybe that all those times that I thought I was risking myself by putting myself out there for Him that I was really just doing… Read more »

I have a few solid set of every single night prayers. You know, the prayers that seem like they never get answered but you keep asking anyways? Yea, those. I don’t give up. It’s a thing about my personality, and a lot of the time it’s a huge flaw, but in this particular situation it’s good. So I keep on praying, keep on asking, and never let up. Eventually He has to hear me right? I have always been told, if God answers… Read more »

via Change means growth. And growth is good. For the longest time change scared me. I like routine. I am a creature of habit. I find something I like and I stick to it. I have been drinking the same coffee day in and day out for months. Same breakfast. Same workout routine. Same church. Same route to and from school every single morning. This is me. This is how I like it. This is how I always will be. Or so I thought…. Read more »