“Lord if it is you” Peter replied “tell me to come to you on the water. “Come” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind he was afraid and began to sink…Matthew 14:28-31 When I read this passage I had one of those “ahha” moments. The moment where you finally understand what God is trying to tell you. I don’t know if it is because of… Read more »

I think by now we have all been completely bombarded by the thoughts of Christmas being too commercialized. That the meaning of Christmas is being taken away, that we are being consumed with gift giving, and spending money, and wanting things that we don’t need. But unfortunately, I feel like no matter how hard you try and simplify Christmas, it can be hard to remove that excitement especially if you have young children. Between parties at school, movies on television,… Read more »

That moment. The one where you feel like you are falling into the deepest darkest pit and no one sees you. You feel it, you are trying to stop it, you know once you are overwhelmed with the darkness there is nothing you can do to pull yourself out. The world keeps moving, those around you don’t notice. You are lost in a sea of people. There is nothing that you can do anymore. I have been there. But this last… Read more »

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post about some Halloween inspiration floating around Pinterest. I briefly touched upon my love for Halloween because of the sense of community it builds. All over the online world today I have been reading about everyone’s different views of Halloween. I have read a lot about how Christians shouldn’t celebrate this day. My belief stands that it is an amazing time to build community in your neighborhood. You will never have a neighbor… Read more »

Last Friday I surprised the littles after school and we headed straight for the zoo. My boys love the zoo and with them being in school all day every day it’s really hard to find time to get there so this was the perfect surprise for them. They were so very excited. We went to each exhibit and the kids actually seemed interested in the animals. This is a fun season because I feel like they finally appreciate this sort… Read more »

Courage. You can witness this being played out in the lives of others in so many different ways. Ways that may not seem big or adventurous or in ways that can be life altering. Small steps or giant leaps. It doesn’t matter how big or small the events that play out are, just that someone is stepping out in faith conquering something that is bigger then themselves. Like the grandmother fighting cancer with every ounce of her being just so she can see… Read more »

Unreasonable Expectations. We all have these right? The thoughts that swirl around in your head. Thinking your spouse should do this or that, your kids should behave this way, you should look that way. These expectations lead us to disappointment. That disappointment can fester and lead to bitterness. From there your heart can become just downright ugly. I allow myself to glorify things. I always want the best. Not just for myself but for the people around me. I want… Read more »

I had a mess of a heart last week. It was full of hardened, pitiful, bitter, yuck. I couldn’t see through the yuck. I couldn’t see the simple beauties of the day, and tiny things that would happen would seem overwhelmingly huge. I did everything that I could to try and fix the way I was feeling. I tried to calm down, to see the happy moments, to shake my attitude. But I couldn’t. I needed God to clean up the mess…. Read more »

I’m not good enough. I’m not a good mom. I can’t do this. I wasn’t patient enough. Loving enough. Perfect enough. Lies. Lies that are defeating me today. Lies that I am giving into. Grace. Give myself grace. Lord, fill me with your grace. Forgive me. I’m writing from a different place today. A place of defeat. A place of discouragement. A place of simply being wore out. A place where I want to throw my hands up and give… Read more »

In this new season of motherhood my quiet time has become few and far between. This is hard for me because I love to learn. I soak up Gods word and seek out knowledge I don’t already have. I could spend hours journaling and reading the Bible. But, quiet time is tough when you have a house full of loud active children. By the time night settles I want nothing more than to sit down and not have to think. To unwind and be mindless…. Read more »