Do y’all remember that game you would play when you were a kid…. “Never would I ever…” You would make up some funny one liner, or a very serious, not even a hint of a joke, never would you ever statement. But either way, it would always include a circle of you and your friends all sharing your biggest never ever ever statements. That game is all fun and stuff when you’re little but I feel like the second that… Read more »

It’s really true how you don’t miss something until its gone, right? I took a break from this space because I just felt so overwhelmed, but then this morning as I was sitting and eating my toast I was reminded of this place. This post came to mind and as I sat and read through it, I was reminded how this place served as a creative outlet for me for so long. My days are now filled with homeschooling my… Read more »

Yesterday afternoon I stole the boys away and we went to the mall. I don’t even know if my kids really know what a mall is because we never go, Target what!?!  So of course their overstimulated eyes were like glowing as they oohed and awed at every single store. At first it was cute but then became terrifying because I kept thinking I was going to have to buy all the dishes in Anthro because, well, boys. But after that catastrophe was… Read more »

We began our homeschool year last week. It is so crazy to me the journey that the Lord can take us on. Just last year as I was prepping the boys and rushing them out the door I was so thankful to have the days to myself, to have someone else in charge of their learning, and to just be able to do my own thing for a few hours during the day. While none of those thoughts have really changed…I… Read more »

You know what has been happening a lot lately!? Alot of my nevers are turning into actualities. Which is beyond me. I will never co sleep. Happened. I will never have a natural birth. Yup, did that. I will never use those essential oil things. Sorry, guilty again. I will never nurse them past 18 months. Still going. I will never ever in a million ever’s home school. Uh oh. Yeah, I think God laughs at our never’s. He sees… Read more »

Someone turned four on Valentines Day. Someone else failed at writing anything about that. Goodness gracious I couldn’t let this beautiful milestone go undocumented. Her only two requests… A tea party with no boys allowed. Because, boys run and yell and are loud of course. So that is exactly what I did. Can I let you in on a little secret? I have been dreaming about this day since before she was ever thought of. It was perfect, and sweet,… Read more »

My oldest son just started playing football for the very first time. I think that I kind of love it. I love seeing him on a team interacting and having fun with other kids, mainly because this has always been a struggle, but I also love the discipline I see this sport teaching him. Taking a knee before the coach, huddling with his team coming up with plays, listening and working together, and pushing himself to hustle and follow directions…. Read more »

I have had a date written on the calender for a few weeks now. A certain little girl has been dying to see Cinderella. DYING. So, finally as I tucked her into bed last night she looked up and asked, one more sleepover? Yes my love, one more. How special these ages are. The ones where spending time with Mommy and Daddy is an actual treat. I know how quickly that will fade and I want to try my hardest… Read more »

Can we chat for a minute? The other day I mentioned about never saying never. In that I mentioned how I said I would never ever in a million years homeschool. Well, God is funny with those things. I feel like it may be something he gets amusement from, seeing us make these absolution’s, saying that these certain things won’t ever happen, but He knows. He knows that they are already written into our story and its only a matter… Read more »

Tiny fingers and toes patiently awaiting the red with sparkles. she squeals, so pretty Mommy Wisps of baby hairs blowing about as we dry it with the big girl brush. she shouts, so pretty. Pursing her lips as she sees the curls bounce upon her head. she whispers, just right Mommy. Hopping down and skipping to her dress, she steps in while being ever so careful not to ruin her new sparkly nails. she stares up at me, I’m so pretty. She… Read more »