Friends! I am so excited to introduce to y’all today my friend Charity. I have told y’all before one of my most favorite things about blogging is meeting like minded people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and well, this gem of a girl is one of them. We met around this time last year when we both sponsored another blog. I have loved following along on her journey as she grows through her writing (y’all she is so real, like really real) and… Read more »

I posted this recipe over at Adrianne’s blog a few months back but decided y’all needed this goodness here. Growing up I wasn’t too fond of pie. I remember visiting my grandma when I was young and her baking a fresh cherry pie each and every time. I would always find myself trying to escape the dinner table before the slice was placed in front of me. Weird right? I wasn’t very successful at sneaking away, so I would end… Read more »

 The humble blueberry muffin. A fresh out of the oven blueberry muffin with a pad of butter melting over the top is seriously my most favorite thing ever, and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t shared a recipe with you all. I remember all the way back when I was younger making blueberry muffins out of the box, you know the one with the little teeny tiny dried blueberries. Well I remember the smell that would fill the whole house… Read more »

   Allergies are kind of a funny thing when it comes to food and kids. You don’t want them to feel like they are missing out too much when they are little because everyone around them can eat all the “kid” foods, but now, since we have done away with most processed food for so long, you also realize how much you don’t miss it at all as a parent. Yes, things take a little bit longer to make, but… Read more »

I love cooking. I could spend all day in the kitchen with my Taylor Swift station on Pandora and little people running around my feet. It’s my happy place. I grew up watching my Dad whip up fancy recipes but other than him a love for cooking wasn’t really in our family history. I rarely walked into another home that smelt of pot roast that had been cooking all day, or eat a bowl full of warm fresh soup with homemade bread…. Read more »

Anyone else out there a creature of habit? I totally am, and really hope that I am not by myself in this one. I’m pretty sure I always take the same route to the same places and if the streets closed, well, I give up and sit on the side of the road until I can talk myself off the side of the cliff. I am kidding. Kind of. What I mean by creature of habit is, I get on… Read more »

While I have yet to photograph beautiful assortments of cookies for y’all this year….fear not!! I have posted plenty of cookie recipes, can you tell that they are my weakness, so I decided to post a small compilation of some of my favorites for you all today. I don’t always gift presents to all the teachers and helpers and amazing neighbors in our lives…but I do bake. And I have learned the key to anyones heart usually lies in their stomachs….at least… Read more »

Cookies are my weakness. Like so much so that I think I could live off of cookies alone. I love eating cookies, baking cookies, giving away cookies, developing recipes for cookies (insert Forrest Gump movie line here). I think you get it right?! The easy thing about cookies is once you have a nice solid recipe, you can tweak it and develop new recipes over and over again. Take my tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe, that turned into my browned… Read more »

Friends!! I have been quiet, partly because of my need for a break but also because we finally moved into our new home. And with new homes come no internet. They totally should include that, but until then, after many issues we are up and running. I cannot wait to share the story and some pictures of our new space, but for today, I am over at Dreambook Design sharing this recipe for Brussels sprouts. Also, is it Brussels or brussel because I had… Read more »

I think as a stay at home mom, and being a mom in general, a tough struggle is taking care of myself. When the day is full of drop offs, pick ups, clean ups, diaper changes, homework, cooking, and cleaning some more, I don’t take the time to ever sit down and feed myself. A quick peanut butter sandwich as I am running out the door, or a protein bar as I am passing through the kitchen, is usually the… Read more »