Today’s recipe is brought to you by an incredibly busy week and one overripe watermelon. Tuesday evening my sister in law went into labor. Wednesday was my son’s eighth birthday. Wednesday we also had the appraisal on our home. And early Thursday morning I watched my baby niece come into the world. Well, if that isn’t an incredibly amazing week then I don’t know what is. So, with an empty refrigerator filled only with eggs and Costco lemonade I was contemplating what recipe… Read more »

Sometimes the best recipes happen by accident. I have always loved corn. There is something about an ear of barbequed corn that just feels like summer to me. If you haven’t had barbequed corn you are totally missing out. The kernels caramelize bringing out all the starchy sugars, creating a stick to your teeth, sweet and delicious, side dish. A couple of weeks ago I shared a picture saying this was on the menu, but secretly I was just hoping it was going… Read more »

Longest title ever for a cookie, yeah?! I just couldn’t decide, each description of the cookie holds its own on making it taste so good. Browned butter. This creates a rich nutty delicious flavor in the cookie, not to mention the melted butter added to the dough creates a chewy yet soft cookie. Coconut. Give to me anything and everything coconut. Whoever first cut open that hard shell of a tree nut one day in the tropics is my greatest… Read more »

I think I have mentioned a couple times before about my sweet second born’s food allergies. He is allergic to pretty much anything that is in premade prepackaged food. After we found that out, about three years ago, the way I prepared food for my family drastically changed. I still remember the first time I went grocery shopping after I found out. I was overwhelmed and unconfident as I stood in the grocery aisles reading labels. I believe I actually… Read more »

Y’all. Its safe to say I have a problem. If you are familiar with my recipes at all, like this one, or this one, you will see that I love myself some feta cheese and cucumbers and tomatoes. Really, anything that has that type of combo is my favorite. So fast forward to this recipe. Pasta salad is just a complete necessity for summertime am I right?! To me there isn’t anything that fills a bbq side dish quite like… Read more »

Wow. It has been a long while since I have shared a recipe with y’all. I apologize. Life is crazy. Like really crazy. Between house showings and then finally selling, to vacations and summer break, messing up my kitchen and setting aside the time to photograph and post recipes have taken a major backseat. But I am back, with a good one. This recipe is simple, and delicious, and honestly just a great healthy snack. My kids love these, and… Read more »

I love green smoothies, I could have one every single morning. But sometimes I like something that is a little sweet and isn’t full of green veggies, and sometimes I like to have these smoothies for dinner. We are right in the thick of trying to sell our house. Our schedule is wonky and we have been eating cereal or cheese crisps most nights. Gasp. I know. But last night I was craving something that felt indulgent but wasn’t too… Read more »

I have posted quite a few Mexican themed recipes over the past couple of months. Honestly, Mexican food is a favorite of mine, and any time we have company over that is usually what we make. I wanted to compile all of those recipes in one spot for you all. One, so you can drool over them like I am right now, and two, because I have caught a nasty horrible end of the season flu that I can’t seem… Read more »

I have always loved cooking. To me its an expression of my creativity. Combining different tastes and textures to create a delicious final product. Over the years, as with anything, my cooking and baking styles have changed shape. I have discovered that the more quality ingredients I use the better taste of the final product. Common sense right!? For example, smooth creamy grass fed butter has the most unbelievable taste, or real homemade vanilla extract made with real whole vanilla beans not… Read more »

These biscuits tug at some serious heartstrings. Besides my love affair with carbs I crafted up this recipe while I was in labor with my baby. Cooking while in labor?! Why yes, I was cooking while I was in labor. In my defense I have tremendously long early labor so while I was whipping up these glorious biscuits I was finally beginning to contract regularly, it was mothers day to add the icing to the cake. You can read that… Read more »