I have a serious problem with buying produce. I buy way too much. Usually that’s a good thing, because I know that good whole foods are going into the belly’s of my group, but other times, its not so good, like when I buy a million tomatoes and they begin to go bad. A couple months ago I did just that because cherry tomatoes were on sale. Another thing I have a problem with. Just because things are on sale doesn’t mean I… Read more »

I have been seeing these delicious looking waffle cookies at Sprouts lately. Every single time I go they call out to me. There is something so delicious about the light crisp texture of a waffle cookie. So of course seeing them in chocolate spoke directly to my heart, and I just had to have them. This weekend, I finally caved and bought some. I then took inspiration from one of my favorite desserts and used these cookies and transformed it into something… Read more »

With a family of six to feed I find that we can honestly never have too much food. I am very conscious of the foods I feed my family, especially because of allergies, and also because I want them to develop healthy eating habits early on in life so they grow and can continue on the path of making good decisions in what they choose to eat. I haven’t always had a good relationship with food growing up, so I… Read more »

If I am being totally honest with you all, I have been in a slight cooking slump. Tired of it. I think part of the reason is because last week was spring break so that meant I had to cook three meals a day every single day. That meant three meals a day with dishes. My kitchen has yet to be the same. So, I am all for quick easy but still delicious and healthy meals. This one is a… Read more »

That’s a pretty bold statement, yeah? But seriously, this stuff is that good. If I could live off of one food forever, it would be chips and salsa and guacamole. Is that two? Oh well. This guacamole recipe came from one of my Dad’s cookbooks and has been slightly adapted by him, and then tweaked ever so slightly by me. It is a staple at every party or family get together and always gets requested. If you haven’t noticed most of… Read more »

Different tastes and flavors can bring up different memories, am I right!? I remember back to my childhood, one of my favorite treats in my Easter basket every year was a chocolate orange. Have y’all ever had one of those? It is basically chocolate in the shape of an orange. The chocolate is in a special little box and wrapped in delicate orange foil. Before removing the foil you knock it on the table to break it apart. You then carefully remove the foil and… Read more »

For the longest time working with yeast terrified me. It seemed so complex. There were numerous times that I would follow a recipe exactly only to have my bread or dough not rise. It was a heavy lump and I was left confused and a little sad. Well, then my momma shared her bread machine with me and I realized just how simple bread making really is. The trick that I have learned is that everything must be at room temperature,… Read more »

I made this stew a few months ago after looking through my refrigerator and throwing a bunch of random ingredients into a pot. That’s usually when magic happens right!?  It was nothing short of the most delicious stew ever, according to my husband, so he of course has been asking for it every so often since that night. But if I can be totally honest with you I was a little intimidated that I wouldn’t be able to replicate the flavor. As I cooked the… Read more »

 This dessert. Oh friends, this dessert is by far our families favorite. Its fresh, simple, not too sweet, and because of the fresh ingredients you don’t feel too bad about indulging. I had some leftover shortbread cookies from wild ones birthday party so I whipped this treat up in no time. Sugar cookies are also perfect in place of the shortbread ones and I am sure Oreo’s would be divine, so just use whatever cookie you have on hand. (Unless of course… Read more »

Wild one turned three. As if you all had no idea right?! All she requested for her birthday was a princess bouncy house, bubbles, and a bike. She is so loved and got all that and more. We have such a large family filled with more cousins than I can count so parties are always so much fun, and so much crazy. I decided to keep things simple and just do an afternoon get together with snacks and treats, instead… Read more »