Lately, I have been shown the overwhelming grace of Gods timing. Everything in its season and time. Yeah? I just sit here in amazement at the place where I am at… This place, right here, right now.  Everything that I am surrounded by are dreams that weren’t ever even dreamed. I have friends that I never knew would be in my life really in my life and filling me up with truth every single day. I have children I didn’t… Read more »

Friends! I am so excited to introduce to y’all today my friend Charity. I have told y’all before one of my most favorite things about blogging is meeting like minded people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and well, this gem of a girl is one of them. We met around this time last year when we both sponsored another blog. I have loved following along on her journey as she grows through her writing (y’all she is so real, like really real) and… Read more »

Happy Friday! Today you are in for an awesome treat. I have gathered up several of my favorite gals to give you the opportunity of a Lifetime – a ticket to the 2015 Influence Network Conference AND $300 in PayPal Cash to help with travel costs! I have been a member of the Influence Network for a couple years now and it has only been an encouragement to me in my personal, online, and spiritual life! This community is packed… Read more »

I want to take a moment to document all that life is bringing us these days. I feel like one of the best parts of blogging is being able to take a look back at all that was, and all the wisdom that was gained, all the memories that were made, and just the moments being recorded for all time. Isn’t that the goodness? I have been failing at baby books lately, but this space, I can’t help but think… Read more »

You know what has been happening a lot lately!? Alot of my nevers are turning into actualities. Which is beyond me. I will never co sleep. Happened. I will never have a natural birth. Yup, did that. I will never use those essential oil things. Sorry, guilty again. I will never nurse them past 18 months. Still going. I will never ever in a million ever’s home school. Uh oh. Yeah, I think God laughs at our never’s. He sees… Read more »

The weekend is here again my friends. I feel like as my kids get older the weeks fly by so much faster. Between school work, homework, sports, church, and all the other stuff crammed in, our days become busier and fuller, making weekends even more welcomed because we can just relax. Speaking of our children being so busy, as I was looking for links for this post I stumbled across this article, it may be slightly dated but I think it… Read more »

Every day I drive past this little teeny tiny church. And everyday for the past four weeks this message has been posted on the bulletin, change is made out of metal because it is hard For a few weeks I just laughed at the clever statement, but then slowly I began to see this exact statement thread through every part of my day. Isn’t it funny how things like that happen? I feel a tug on my heart, knowing that… Read more »

I am looking for you. The mama who wants to spend more time with her kids. The college student looking to make ends meet. The young woman who needs a little extra income without a lot of work. The friend who wants to help those around her achieve a healthier lifestyle. The student who is energized and excited to learn. Let me pour into you. Let me help you build a real business from the comfort of your home. Let… Read more »

via Friends, I am loving pinterest lately. I just hop on at the end of the night usually, you know during the commercial breaks of all my favorite shows, which I am embarrassed to say is like a million. If you want to see what I am crushing on join me, and be sure to leave your name in the comments, I am totally needing some new friends:) Have y’all seen the Apple watches? Pretty fantastic, yea? Well check out… Read more »

I read a blog post yesterday by Ashley of Under The Sycamore. It hit me so hard. In it she talked about a conference she had been to and a speaker who had related the weeks you have with your child from birth to age 18. He said to place a marble in a jar symbolizing each week…and each week that passed to remove one. It was intended to give you a visual of how quickly the time truly does… Read more »