I have had a date written on the calender for a few weeks now. A certain little girl has been dying to see Cinderella. DYING. So, finally as I tucked her into bed last night she looked up and asked, one more sleepover? Yes my love, one more. How special these ages are. The ones where spending time with Mommy and Daddy is an actual treat. I know how quickly that will fade and I want to try my hardest… Read more »

via It’s the weekend! And even better, it is March in Arizona. And if you aren’t from the good ol’ AZ then you don’t know that March, April, and May, are much like everyone’s summers. And our summers, well you will see us complain how most do during the winter. It’s been kind of a funny thing watching everyone have such a hard time during winter, knowing how much I will see them love summer, and I will be loathing it…. Read more »

Can we chat for a minute? The other day I mentioned about never saying never. In that I mentioned how I said I would never ever in a million years homeschool. Well, God is funny with those things. I feel like it may be something he gets amusement from, seeing us make these absolution’s, saying that these certain things won’t ever happen, but He knows. He knows that they are already written into our story and its only a matter… Read more »

I spent the late hours of the evening last night writing love notes. Something that I honestly haven’t done in a really long time. Each note started off with I love you because… Can I just say that as I sat there last night, thinking of all the reasons for my love for him, that I began to get the same feelings that I had nine years ago. Our marriage is the thing that takes the back seat a lot… Read more »

It’s been so fun jumping back into a regular presence on this space. I have loved getting my creative juices flowing and starting back up with my food photography, did you catch this recipe and this one? I think one cancels out the other, hopefully. Currently I am enjoying that all my shows are back, I was slowly mourning the end of Parenthood, I feel like I am good and content with closing that chapter because the past two episodes have left… Read more »

I talked a little bit last week about our need for community, how it takes more than a village  to raise babies in this busy world. God created us to do life together. It is something that we thrive off of. I know that because after an entire day of being home I can almost attack my husband with conversation the second he walks in the door. Even the most introverted person needs their people. But, as the world is… Read more »

My sweet wild one turns four on Valentines Day. Oh my aching heart, four. It’s the same thing every year but I just don’t know how we got here. She is all sass and is all about her birthday this year. We often have talks about her party, her request of course. They go a little like this…. Mom no boys are allowed. Only girls. But little boys can come and that’s okay. You can come too mom but you… Read more »

Hi, can we talk for a minute? Like talk the way we used to talk? This space has gone through so much growth in the past year and a half it’s kind of crazy. I don’t know who is out there still, from the looks of things it seems like just passerby’s looking for a recipe or clicking through a link on pinterest, but I am talking to you. The one who has been with me since the beginning, or… Read more »

Well hello. It’s been a hot minute since I have popped in here. December was busy, yeah?! Christmas, New Year’s, and now we are here, at this fresh new start. At church on Sunday they said how God was pretty amazing at thinking of how much we would need and want fresh starts. Between New Year’s and Birthdays, we just get to hit that refresh button. We get to refocus and see what needs to change. I, like many others,… Read more »

Last year was my first time choosing a word for the year. I chose peace. I look back at all we went through and wonder if I would have known, would I still have chosen that word? From the selling of our home, to living with my parents, to losing a home, then another, and another, and then settling upon this one right before the holidays, all that turmoil and change and inconsistency, did I feel peace? True straight from… Read more »