The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014. Its been quite the week in our house. Lots of big and inconvenient challenges. One of those being my oldest getting the flu. He spent most of the first day in bed so uncomfortable and so sick. The next day he awoke from his fog and his fever had finally broke. He was still weak and sick and breaking his mamas heart but he wanted some… Read more »

As you all may know (and if you don’t now you do) wild ones birthday is fast approaching. She will be three on Valentines Day. Every year I vow I will venture away from the heart and love day décor but every year I fail miserably. It’s all just too darn cute. Well, I was pouring over Etsy shops to try and find some sweet décor when I saw that an old friend just opened her own shop filled with… Read more »

One day after little miss protested dance class, yet again. We hit up a brand new local thrift store. This store was awesome. It was like Goodwill on steroids. It was probably three times the size of a normal Goodwill and since the store had just opened there were so many unfound treasures. So, I did what anyone would do. I gave all those treasures a home. On my wall. I have wanted a gallery wall in the living room for quite… Read more »

Every year since my boys were just itty bitty we have hosted a Halloween Party. We take this very seriously over here. Very. I think part of the reason I love it so much is because it is the one “holiday” (I say this very loosely) that I get to host every year without question. I love hosting parties. The food, the decorations, the company, all of it. My husband takes it very seriously as well. Each year he manages… Read more »

Hey everyone! I’m Sara and I’m the owner and crafter behind Little Tidbits of Joy. I love finding delight in the small, ordinary things of everyday life and embracing the little tidbits of joy in those moments. I have a passion for creating a cozy, handmade home for my family and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite creations through my shop! I also love creating family traditions, so you’ll find fun handmade decor for special celebrations and holidays…. Read more »

 My two older boys are very close in age. So, it seemed like a given that when the new baby arrived they would share a room. We had them share a room for a brief time when they were younger but that ended up being extremely difficult. I have found now though that with them being in a new season of childhood this transition has been much easier. I wanted to make them feel special, so before moving them in together… Read more »

via  Fall. It seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year, and now since it is officially October and the mornings and evenings are somewhat cooling off, I think I can start embracing the season. We are far from sweaters and cooler weather, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull out a pumpkin candle or two. Enjoy a few of my favorite fall ideas floating around the internet.  via I may have to change up my Instagram Picture Frame into a… Read more »

This room has been such a work in progress. This space is small…like really small. Because of the size of the room it made the arrangement of furniture a little difficult. I had to be very intentional with the items that were placed in there. I love the way it turned out. There are so many little details and special pieces that are in this room. The owl mobile in the corner is probably one of my favorite crafts I have made. The… Read more »

I am a DIYer. Is that even a word?! I don’t know but it should be! Thanks to things like Pinterest I think most of us are or try to be. Anyways, I have been wanting to put some finishing touches in the babies room and I knew he needed some pops of color in there. I took a more rustic neutral approach to his room so I wanted to perk it up a little. I had been seeing the… Read more »

I have a confession. I love Instagram. Like really love it. I think that it is the greatest memory book ever. Its simple to capture those special moments, edit them using different apps, and then load into a place where you can always see. Because of this I found myself taking the majority of my pictures with my phone. But who doesn’t right!? It’s so much easier to capture those quick sweet silly moments. The downfall of this was that I never really did… Read more »