A couple months ago I was searching for ways to help alleviate some stress and anxiety in a more natural way. After asking around and hearing lots of talk about essential oils I decided to see if this was a route I could take for our symptoms. I held my breath as I clicked the  submit order button (because the price tag as you know is a little high) and then I began to patiently await the arrival of my premium starter kit.

I got the package at my doorstep a few days later and excitedly tore open the package.

155 copyI have used the oils one way or another, every single day since receiving them.

Friends, I cannot say enough good things, worth every single penny I was ever afraid to spend on them. I have started a series where I unpack my premium starter kit oil by oil with you, and I hope that you will follow along and learn new and exciting things.

The premium starter kit includes all of what you see up there, plus a few other goodies that aren’t pictured, like literature, samples, and a roller ball to attach to one of your oils. The reason why I ordered the premium starter kit is because you get the ten most popular oils, including blends like thieves, and the diffuser, and a bonus oil, and samples and information. The price tag may seem high but if you scroll through looking at the prices of each individual oil as well as the diffuser, it just makes sense. The other amazing benefit of signing up for the premium starter kit is the ability to become a wholesale member. Being a wholesale member allows you to purchase products for 24% less than retail. The only thing necessary to keep that wholesale membership is to order $50 per year. When you sign up as a wholesale member you are also signed up as a distributor, although don’t feel any pressure to sell, you won’t lose any benefits if that is not something you want to do.

Friends, like I said, these oils are amazing, and I am sure once you start, you will find yourself using them every single day.

I wanted to include a simple step by step tutorial on how to sign up as a wholesale member. Begin by clicking here.

Next, you will see this page.


Fill in all your contact information as directed.

Next pick your starter kit, like I said the premium starter kit is the best bang for your buck.


You can sign up for essential rewards if you think you will be ordering more than $50 per month in products, or you can sign up later.

And that’s it!

Wait patiently (or try to) until your happy mail arrives.

///If you would like to just place a retail order click here and be sure to enter my member number 2146686.

Thank you friends, and please if you have any questions, please feel free to email me!!!