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Hi y’all.

I am Ashley.

I am saved by grace, a wife to my love, and a mama of four. I am a story teller, coffee drinker, back porch sitter, lego builder, hair styler, cookie baking, church going, Arizona grown girl.

Because I am a storyteller at heart please sit back and enjoy a little story about me…

 I met and fell hard for my love at the nice young age of 19. We had a whirlwind romance and were pregnant, engaged, and married six months later. We had our first two babies, when I was 20 and 21, we like to say they are our Irish twins. I was young… with two babies almost under a year.  None of my friends were even thinking about settling down so I started that journey and sort of trekked through the best I could. Well, those two sweet boys are now in school, and I find myself at home with my two little loves, who are three and one. These two are what my heart likes to think of as my do-overs. My beautiful blessings that God has given me so I could do all the things I wished I had done before. The long stares, the snuggles, the letting laundry pile up while your heart is exploding from the squeaky baby in your arms. Yes, my do-overs. Now don’t get me wrong, I am madly in love with my two big boys, but boy do I wish those years back with them.

So here I sit, at this in-between; half school mom, half baby mom. Sandwiched between mornings filled with breakfast and packing lunches, and afternoons full of homework and bike rides are these quiet moments where I snuggle both babies into bed, sit down with a cup of coffee, and let my mind wander. It’s in those moments, the few quiet alone times I get, that I want to remember the craziness of it all. I do life with four beautiful little people and a husband who works too hard(which means I get to DO life with four little people(bless his hard working heart)). So, needless to say, I could easily get caught up in the craziness of it all. I could forget these sweet moments and get lost in the noise. Or, I could put my feet up and write them all down, making these sweet moments last a lifetime. I choose that, because my heart already knows the difference. I am now that mom that looks at new young moms and wishes it upon them to snuggle those babies close, hold them tight and be selfish, because these years are fleeting. I choose to love on these babies in spite of the things that need to get done, in spite of the floors that need to be swept, because I know the longing that I have in my heart for those years with my boys. I know that if I could go back I would have listened to all the mamas out there that told me to hold them close. These moments are short, long, sweet, and hard all mixed together. So please join me in that cup of coffee as I tell you stories of the things I have learned through my babies, my faith, and my growth as a wife and a mother. Lets all try and keep this crazy life…simple.