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Remember that time when I unpacked the premium starter kit with y’all?

Well, I think I should finish it, don’t you?

We have already discussed, what essential oils are, lavender, frankincense, purification, and thieves oil.

So today we are unpacking lemon essential oil.

Lemon is just that. 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon essential oil.

In fact, because these are such concentrated oils it takes about 75 lemons to make up a full size bottle of lemon oil.

Young Living’s lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of the lemon, meaning it is never heated, so it is not losing any of those amazing benefits that this oil comes by naturally.

Lemon essential oil contain about 68% of d-limonene, which is a powerful antioxidant, that has been shown to in some cases shrink tumor growth. You can see one article here. Lemon is also naturally detoxifying so it may help naturally cleanse your liver and kidney if ingested in small amounts, and always out of a glass bottle or cup.

I love lemon oil, and use it almost daily, so lets jump right into some everyday uses.

  • Natural Detox and Appetite Suppressant- Add a drop into your water each morning. You can naturally cleanse toxins this way. Be sure to drink out of glass because citrus oils can break down plastic material.
  • Natural Cleaner- Mix a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar and add 5-10 drops lemon oil and 5-10 drops melaleuca oil. This can be used as an all purpose cleanser because lemon oil is known for its antibacterial properties.
  • Sore Throat Remedy- Add a drop of lemon and a drop of thieves to warm water and add a spoonful of honey to help a sore throat.
  • Natural Degreaser- Use 1-2 drops on any gunk or goo or crayon marks and wipe clean.
  • Cooking- Use in place of lemon zest or lemon juice in recipes.
  • Massage Oil- Massage into cellulite to help increase blood circulation and eliminate toxins.
  • Energizing and Air Purifying- Diffuse lemon to purify the air and to energize you when you are feeling sluggish or tired.
  • Face Wash- Use lemon oil in your daily face wash to help balance your skin. Lemon oil may help balance oil production.

Do you have any favorite ways to use lemon oil? Are you interested in hearing more?

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paisley birthday8

Someone turned four on Valentines Day.

Someone else failed at writing anything about that.

Goodness gracious I couldn’t let this beautiful milestone go undocumented.

Her only two requests…

A tea party with no boys allowed.

paisley birthday3

Because, boys run and yell and are loud of course.

So that is exactly what I did.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I have been dreaming about this day since before she was ever thought of.

It was perfect, and sweet, and girly, and lovely.

I pray she felt special.

paisley birthday

Most of the decorations are things that we already had, or things I made. I want the kids to always feel special without me having to break the bank.

paisley birthday1

I made all of the normal tea party snacks, and the girls enjoyed iced tea instead of hot.

paisley birthday2

paisley birthday5

paisley birthday4

paisley birthday7

I love you sweet girl. You fill my heart right up and overflow it. You are special, feisty, girly, strong, energetic, peaceful, fierce, and loving.

You are everything I wish to be and everything I prayed for in a daughter.

I can’t thank God enough that he chose me to be your mama.

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Every day I drive past this little teeny tiny church.

And everyday for the past four weeks this message has been posted on the bulletin,

change is made out of metal because it is hard

For a few weeks I just laughed at the clever statement, but then slowly I began to see this exact statement thread through every part of my day.

Isn’t it funny how things like that happen?

I feel a tug on my heart, knowing that something has to give and then it is brought to my attention again and again. Every single day. Nothing like beating a dead horse eh?!

Being transparent with you all I can say that I have always struggled with complaining.

I can remember getting so embarrassed and self conscious when people would bring it to my attention, knowing that it was a struggle that I was doing my best to fix. But I couldn’t fix it on my own. It wasn’t until God began rewriting my story. He began to tug and nudge and work at those dark places of discontentment. Because that’s really what complaining is, isn’t it? We aren’t happy with our current circumstances, we want better, and think we can get it if we whine enough.

Or maybe that is just me?

So as he was rewriting my story, showing me that things couldn’t be done in my strength but only in his, I became more aware of my need for forgiveness and prayer.

Because my complaining didn’t stop. I didn’t just magically change. No, being made new by God is a continual work. One that doesn’t happen over night, but one that takes an entire lifetime for him to work inside of you, and one that isn’t perfected until you are standing in the glory of Jesus.

So, as I stare at the sign and think about how hard change is, I become increasingly aware of my overwhelming need for a savior, and how much I really truly do complain.

How can I fix this?

This isn’t something I want to struggle with my entire life.

Maybe change can become less hard if I continue to pray and seek his strength but I also find practical ways to help?

Then I was reminded of a book I read a view years ago. The book was crazy convicting and I really encourage y’all to read it, I mean it’s titled what’s it like to be married to me, for crying out loud, so you know you’re in for it. But in that book she encourages you to go an entire week without complaining or nagging. To help with this you are told to wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it each time you do, and then switch the rubber band to the other hand. This way you are made aware of how often complaining truly does happen.

Y’all I am challenging myself to this because something needs to change. And I pray that through prayer, eliminating bad habits, studying Gods word, working on being content with everything I am blessed with, that maybe that hard metal of a heart will begin to warm and mold and shape to be more like His. But when I struggle and mess up, thank God for grace and forgiveness, and thank God that I know this won’t happen over night, but will be something that slowly changes and stands the test of time.

Join me?

What are some ways you have found to help eliminate complaining? Do you have any great book recommendations? Is there any way I can pray for you this week?


My oldest son just started playing football for the very first time.

I think that I kind of love it.

I love seeing him on a team interacting and having fun with other kids, mainly because this has always been a struggle, but I also love the discipline I see this sport teaching him.

Taking a knee before the coach, huddling with his team coming up with plays, listening and working together, and pushing himself to hustle and follow directions.

Its quite an amazing thing to sit and watch.


But I also love the feeling of nostalgia I get from the whole experience.

Back in my highschool days I spent Friday nights under the lights cheering on our football team. It was such a fun time and one that I will always remember.

So seeing him and watching him under the lights on the side of the field I get an even bigger sense of pride. He is doing something he genuinely loves that he will some day look back on with happy memories.

The circle of life continues to amaze me and confuse me, but this moment coming full circle rests on the amazing side.


I am looking for you.

The mama who wants to spend more time with her kids.

The college student looking to make ends meet.

The young woman who needs a little extra income without a lot of work.

The friend who wants to help those around her achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The student who is energized and excited to learn.

Let me pour into you.

Let me help you build a real business from the comfort of your home.

Let me educate, empower, and encourage you.

Let me help you bless those around you.

Join me.

I am looking for a few people who want to experience all that is the business side of Young Living. I have an amazing incentive just for you. This isn’t a pyramid scam. This isn’t me looking to make money. This isn’t any of that. And if you could seriously, genuinely hear my heart right now and sit down with me face to face I would tell you this. I love this company. I love these oils. They have truly changed my life. And I love people. Educating them, uplifting them, and helping them. So this just works for me. Please if you are interested just reach out, email me and we can talk. No commitments, no pressure, nothing. Just hearing my heart and me listening to yours. Thank you friends. Have a blessed Sunday.

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Friends, I am loving pinterest lately. I just hop on at the end of the night usually, you know during the commercial breaks of all my favorite shows, which I am embarrassed to say is like a million. If you want to see what I am crushing on join me, and be sure to leave your name in the comments, I am totally needing some new friends:)

Have y’all seen the Apple watches? Pretty fantastic, yea? Well check out this video about the gold apple watch….it’s hilarious.

So I am pretty sure y’all have seen this video, unless you have been hiding in a cave but it gets me every single time. Like to tears, and since I am in a funny mood this morning I thought I would pass along this gem again, because y’all, I am drowning and they through me another one.

Ever wonder why videos go viral? I truly think its kind of the luck of the draw, some people share, others see them sharing so they do too, then you see how many shares so what the heck, now you have to. Right!? Well this article breaks it down for you, if you want to think it happens for any given reason I suppose;)

Last night I hosted my first ever online essential oils class. I don’t foresee that video going viral by any means, but I wanted to open it up to anyone who may be interested in watching. The video will become private after the weekend, but if you have a chance to watch, please do, and I would love to have y’all join my team:) Follow along here if you want some daily inspiration, and if you would like more information, as always leave your email in comments.

And lastly, I am hosting a giveaway over on my friend Elizabeth’s blog that will close today. Hop on over for some super easy ways to enter, and to take a look around, her blog is so inspirational.

What are some fun blogs y’all love? Do you love pinterest as much as I do? What is your name so I can follow you? Any links you want to share?

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I read a blog post yesterday by Ashley of Under The Sycamore.

It hit me so hard.

In it she talked about a conference she had been to and a speaker who had related the weeks you have with your child from birth to age 18. He said to place a marble in a jar symbolizing each week…and each week that passed to remove one. It was intended to give you a visual of how quickly the time truly does pass.

She went on to talk about how her children would remember her. Which qualities would they appreciate and what memories would stand the test of time.

Friends, my oldest is going to be nine in a couple months.



He is halfway to eighteen and if that time goes anything like the past nine well then it will be here faster than I can think.

I always talk about moments in this space. About how the moments can be big, small, happy, sad, or anything at all, but its the culmination of moments that matter and make up memories. They aren’t going to necessarily remember the day they got the new bike, but they will remember all the times you were with them when they rode it. The times you crammed the bikes in the back of your truck just because they wanted nothing more but to ride it up the big hill at the park.


Friends, I am one that is quick to say no.

Sometimes it flies out of my mouth before I even think of the question, and most of the time the kids are surprised when I do say yes. 

But how long do I really have to say yes. To say yes to the mess, the extra cookie, the day at the park, the jump into the pool. They are all so fleeting. All these simple things that bring smiles to their faces.


Last night we were sitting at dinner and with the big two away with grandparents we had a quiet meal just my husband and I.

It was nice, but I looked at him and said, goodness this is how it will be.

And while I am excited to have time with my husband, time we didn’t really have before children, I am also feeling the weight of truly appreciating these moments we are given with these babes.

It’s such a gift, one that I don’t want to rush through, or survive, but appreciate and savor.

These moments get me every single time, and its funny what draws us back to the importance of them all.


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Good morning my sweet friends.

I just wanted to stop by real fast and offer out the invite to my online Essential Oils 101 class that will be happening tomorrow evening.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by essential oils, not sure where to start, want more information, or just feel like you aren’t able to really use your oils, or want to start dipping your toes in the business side of essential oils, please join me.

I am a part of an amazingly supportive community that would love to have you. Simply leave your email in the comments below and I will send you the invite.

Oh… and of course there will be giveaways throughout;)

Have a blessed day my loves.

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My church has been focusing on love the past month or so, and not love as an adjective but love as a verb. Love as an action, love doing something so others see it and feel it.

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They have kind of been knocking it out of the park lately with this series, because in all honesty there was a time last year when I felt so disconnected from church, and not just my church, but any church.

You see God had been doing a number on my heart that year, breaking it open, peeling back the layers, and showing me the filth, sort of like an onion (shameless Bachelor plug) But really, I was seeing how I had spent so many years thinking I was better. That somehow being a Christian made my sin a little less bad, okay lets be real, a lot less bad. Gross right? I am telling you this with no shame because God is a God of grace and my sin is ugly, just like yours, but He has made me clean, not through anything I have done, but completely and utterly through Him.

The way I began to feel the disconnect at church was that I felt like at that time churches were very strongly preaching a gospel to a lost crowd. But not in a loving way, it all felt much like how I had been doing it. From a place of standing in that pulpit and slamming my Bible saying I was somehow better, and this is why you should change.


Could it have been just because my heart was raw from all of the revealing that was going on? Maybe. Could it have been because that was the sin that was brought to the forefront of my life and I was hypersensitive to it? Probably. But Gods timing is perfect, He knows what He is doing, and He is standing above seeing the big picture while we walk through the trenches. He knew if I had heard anything like this love does message back then it wouldn’t have sunk in quite like it did yesterday.

Love does friends.

Love shares Jesus with people. Love takes out the trash. Love does willingly without complaint.  Love helps the person on the side of the road. Love shares a nice uplifting comment online. Love forgives first. Love walks out into the world outside of it’s holy huddle into the uncomfortable and does life.


Our sin is no different then anyone else’s sin. It isn’t our job to judge, to take inventory of wrongs, or even sell the gospel. Our job or mission is to walk boldly with the Holy Spirit and show Jesus to others, and Jesus does not discriminate my friends. Jesus doesn’t love you more and me less because you tithe and I don’t. Jesus doesn’t love me more and you less because I go to Bible Study every week. Jesus doesn’t love you more and me less because you memorize scripture. Jesus doesn’t love me more and you less because you are divorced, or gay, or not a Christian.

Jesus just loves, plain and simple, because that is what he is…


Goodness gracious the old me would have never been able to write anything close to any of that. But the new me, the me made alive by the forgiveness of my ugly sins, well that me, is  walking boldly with the Holy Spirit, that doesn’t mean I don’t fail at this daily it just means this new me asks for help to love daily. Love doing something isn’t easy. Loving something or someone you don’t like isn’t a natural human behavior. But God does. God loves that person we don’t like so much so that Jesus died for them too. He died for them. I mean let that line sink in. And then let this one too, he died for you too. For that ugly unloving yucky sin that is still buried deep inside. He loves you regardless.

Beautiful right?

This world is a mashed up mixture of all different kinds of beautiful people God loves.

Why don’t ya go out there and love on them too?

week12 paisley

I have had a date written on the calender for a few weeks now.

A certain little girl has been dying to see Cinderella.


So, finally as I tucked her into bed last night she looked up and asked, one more sleepover?

Yes my love, one more.

How special these ages are. The ones where spending time with Mommy and Daddy is an actual treat. I know how quickly that will fade and I want to try my hardest to soak up the moments that are left.

So today we will escape the busyness and the rest of the family just us two. She will put on her princess dress and special high heel shoes and we will watch Cinderella in the big seats with the big thing of popcorn just like a movie theater, and I will watch her, study her face and her smile, take mental pictures that I will be sure to look back on when she is grown.

These are the moments my heart gratefully overflows.