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Every day I drive past this little teeny tiny church.

And everyday for the past four weeks this message has been posted on the bulletin,

change is made out of metal because it is hard

For a few weeks I just laughed at the clever statement, but then slowly I began to see this exact statement thread through every part of my day.

Isn’t it funny how things like that happen?

I feel a tug on my heart, knowing that something has to give and then it is brought to my attention again and again. Every single day. Nothing like beating a dead horse eh?!

Being transparent with you all I can say that I have always struggled with complaining.

I can remember getting so embarrassed and self conscious when people would bring it to my attention, knowing that it was a struggle that I was doing my best to fix. But I couldn’t fix it on my own. It wasn’t until God began rewriting my story. He began to tug and nudge and work at those dark places of discontentment. Because that’s really what complaining is, isn’t it? We aren’t happy with our current circumstances, we want better, and think we can get it if we whine enough.

Or maybe that is just me?

So as he was rewriting my story, showing me that things couldn’t be done in my strength but only in his, I became more aware of my need for forgiveness and prayer.

Because my complaining didn’t stop. I didn’t just magically change. No, being made new by God is a continual work. One that doesn’t happen over night, but one that takes an entire lifetime for him to work inside of you, and one that isn’t perfected until you are standing in the glory of Jesus.

So, as I stare at the sign and think about how hard change is, I become increasingly aware of my overwhelming need for a savior, and how much I really truly do complain.

How can I fix this?

This isn’t something I want to struggle with my entire life.

Maybe change can become less hard if I continue to pray and seek his strength but I also find practical ways to help?

Then I was reminded of a book I read a view years ago. The book was crazy convicting and I really encourage y’all to read it, I mean it’s titled what’s it like to be married to me, for crying out loud, so you know you’re in for it. But in that book she encourages you to go an entire week without complaining or nagging. To help with this you are told to wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it each time you do, and then switch the rubber band to the other hand. This way you are made aware of how often complaining truly does happen.

Y’all I am challenging myself to this because something needs to change. And I pray that through prayer, eliminating bad habits, studying Gods word, working on being content with everything I am blessed with, that maybe that hard metal of a heart will begin to warm and mold and shape to be more like His. But when I struggle and mess up, thank God for grace and forgiveness, and thank God that I know this won’t happen over night, but will be something that slowly changes and stands the test of time.

Join me?

What are some ways you have found to help eliminate complaining? Do you have any great book recommendations? Is there any way I can pray for you this week?

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