I have been kind of struggling lately with all the things of this world. Friends, my faith is secure, I know who made me , who loves me, and where I am going, but I am human and I have good old (or maybe bad old) human thoughts.

I think it may be partially from my rebirth on Facebook. You see and are bombarded with so much life stuff at such a high rate in such a small amount of time, that if one doesn’t have a firm foundation I can only imagine you would get quickly swayed one way or another. It’s a constant battle with me at least, to try and scroll real fast when I see something controversial with angry heated comments, or to push aside a comment that was directed towards me that was anything but kind.

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In the past few years the Lord has been working some serious stuff in my heart. I was such a righteous Christian just a few years ago. Like a go and get Chick-Fila to make a statement kind of Christian.

Yes I did that.

Yes I have some serious head shaking that happens when I think of it.

Not because of what they believed. Because I do believe the Bible is the true inspired word of God. A book I should live by and believe in with my whole heart.

But because of the statement I was trying to make.

When we do things with the motive to make a statement, is that love? When we want our views and words to be heard and seen and believed, is that love?

Friends in the true inspired word of God He states this…

So whatever you believe about these things keep them between yourself and God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves. Romans 15:22

So back to that Facebook thing. How much of what we post is lifting our own agenda, and how much of what we post is out of love?

I have been so guilty of getting sucked into that silly share button. You know that one that just begs you to push it. It’s like you read something that hits some crazy emotion inside of you and that share button just looks at you and says…me, me, push me, they just have to read this.

Or is that just me?

I’ll read something and say yes, yes, yes!

And think (or not think) okay they need to hear this. Whether it be about politics, or vaccines, or our food wars. But if I am not hitting share out of love, then what am I really doing?

Am I condemning others and their beliefs? Or trying to lift myself up? Or do I push share with a certain person in mind? If the answer to those questions is yes, then I am failing those around me and even more so I am failing at loving others like myself.

This world has so much yuck in it.

So much hate, so much evil, so much of everything but love that I don’t even need to contribute more to it.

So hear me on this, I am here to try my hardest to spread love. In a world full of hate I pray that His little light shines bright in my every corner of the internet.

Can it in your’s too?

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