The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

week 18 patrick

On Saturday I brought this sweet boy with me to a vintage market. You see that orange Tonka Truck. It was filled with pool balls, and he quickly dumped them out all over the persons booth. After we gathered them up he couldn’t stop talking about that Tonka truck. The one he just had to have. He of course talked grandma into getting it but she made a deal with him, she only had ten dollars, the truck was priced at eighteen. She said if he could negotiate the truck for ten bucks it was his. He marched right up to the person running the booth and so bravely asked if he could buy the orange truck for ten dollars. The rest is history. He was so proud, and my mama heart was warmed in that moment.

week 18 peyton

I have yet to master the settings on my camera to capture the perfect jump shot. This boy was happy to help me practice. After about ten this was the best we got. He’s pretty cute even if he is blurry.

week 18 paisley

Oh my princess. My wild one. She is getting harder and harder to photograph lately. She’s all sass and spunk and our days together have been very interesting. Her favorites, pink, painting her toe nails, and princesses, obviously.

week 18 pryce

We are celebrating this boys first birthday on Saturday. My heart is feeling all the things. His favorite things, pizza, grapes, and splashing with his sister in the bath. He loves the bath.

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