My two older boys are very close in age. So, it seemed like a given that when the new baby arrived they would share a room. We had them share a room for a brief time when they were younger but that ended up being extremely difficult. I have found now though that with them being in a new season of childhood this transition has been much easier.

I wanted to make them feel special, so before moving them in together we completely updated the room into more of a “big boy” space. I wanted a room that would grow with them, but also one that they felt comfortable in now.

I brought them along for a lot of the décor shopping. They picked out a few pieces and then I went from there. The room is very neutral. That seems to be the theme throughout my whole home, a rustic neutral. It’s calming and the light green/grey wall color is actually very soothing (which is good for my very energetic six and seven year old).

A lot of the pieces were redone by me. The dresser was a craigslist find that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The desk and bench are something given to us by my in-laws and I just stained and painted them.

I put together a workstation for the boys because homework is quite a challenge with my oldest. I wanted to give him a special place that made him actually want to sit down and work.

I have found that with having two boys in the same room the amount of “stuff” increases (common sense right!?) Well, I hate clutter. So, when we moved them in together I did a big toy purge. I then went through the closet and shoes and did the same there. The key to keeping the clutter to a minimum is to organize. I have a specific place for all their toys. They are separated into baskets. I also trained the boys early on to keep their stuff organized, I couldn’t recommend doing that more to mamas of little ones. The jars are also a lifesaver. I separated all the pencils, crayons, markers, and chalk out so they could be easily accessed. Again, everything just has to have its place.

I love this room, and the little guys that live in it love it even more.










*Clipboard prints were free printables I found on Pinterest (found here)

**Thank you all, so very much, for participating in the Ambre Blends giveaway. The winner can be found here.

4 thoughts on “A Shared Room.

  1. Katie Raines

    Hi Ashley,
    I found your blog through a comment you left on Casey Weigand’s site. This room is too cute! I love the tiny little banner hanging along the pictures :-)

    Always nice to run into another blogger who loves Jesus! And fun crafts!
    Katie Raines


  2. Erin

    Hello! I found this page via a tweet from @tinytwig, and I love the room! I have 3 boys in one room so I’m always looking for ideas. Do you mind sharing where the “Jesus loves you” print is from? Thanks!


    1. Ashley Post author

      Hi Erin! So glad that you stopped by!! That is actually a canvas painted by one of my dear friends. I’m sorry! Most of the other prints are found on pinterest. I have a whole bunch pinned under my crafts board. You are brave! 3 in a room! Mine are so wild and crazy I would be scared to add another;)


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