This past week while walking through the aisles of Target I began to pick and choose my kids holiday outfits.

Seriously, I always question my sanity when I do this. Mainly because I usually have all four kids with me and two of the four are too big to be strapped down in the cart, and the other two…well I can never seem to get the straps tight enough. But that’s a different story for another that I think requires a glass of wine so I don’t break out into hives.

Back to the story at hand…so here I am kids running around like crazy laying different outfits on the floor right in the middle of Target.

Yes, I am okay…just planning outfits. What do you think? Yes! Blue leggings…I think so too.

The sweet sales lady quickly disappeared when she saw where this was going.

Finally after twenty or thirty minutes of grabbing every sweater I could find…I came up with their outfits. But I quickly realized said clothes would be stained and dirty quicker than I would eat every last one of my pumpkin I again got a wild hair and decided to do our family pictures right then.

We got home, changed, and drove to the park I had in mind.

And I…like the crazy lady I am took their pictures all by myself.

I couldn’t love them more…they turned out just how I wanted and I even got all four in one picture, which is beyond a miracle.

Mom of the year….now where’s my wine?















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