My oldest son just started playing football for the very first time.

I think that I kind of love it.

I love seeing him on a team interacting and having fun with other kids, mainly because this has always been a struggle, but I also love the discipline I see this sport teaching him.

Taking a knee before the coach, huddling with his team coming up with plays, listening and working together, and pushing himself to hustle and follow directions.

Its quite an amazing thing to sit and watch.


But I also love the feeling of nostalgia I get from the whole experience.

Back in my highschool days I spent Friday nights under the lights cheering on our football team. It was such a fun time and one that I will always remember.

So seeing him and watching him under the lights on the side of the field I get an even bigger sense of pride. He is doing something he genuinely loves that he will some day look back on with happy memories.

The circle of life continues to amaze me and confuse me, but this moment coming full circle rests on the amazing side.


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