You know what has been happening a lot lately!?

Alot of my nevers are turning into actualities.

Which is beyond me.

I will never co sleep.


I will never have a natural birth.

Yup, did that.

I will never use those essential oil things.

Sorry, guilty again.

I will never nurse them past 18 months.

Still going.

I will never ever in a million ever’s home school.

Uh oh.

Yeah, I think God laughs at our never’s.

He sees us down here planning out our lives. We make our choices, say our never’s, and think anyone who doesn’t follow them is crazy, all the while He is up there seeing the bigger picture nodding his head. Yup, changing that path, switching this, changing those plans, boy she sure doesn’t know whats coming her way this will be good.

But you know what, it will.


It will be good.

All of those changed paths, all of those never’s turned into already happeneds. All of those things are good things. I have never said, never will I ever, and had something bad happen from it. And you want to know why?

Because it wasn’t me changing the story, it was Him.

A big God who promises nothing but good for us. Not good in the way of an easy life, but good in the way of reaping the benefits of those hard good things He gives us.

When I was thinking and dreaming about homeschooling the kids I was talking with my sister in law and she told me the greatest piece of advice I could have ever gotten,

Nothing good is ever easy

Hard is good. Such a strange concept right?

But such a beautiful one.

What is a never that has changed for you? Is God changing your heart right now? Can I pray for you?

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