Tiny fingers and toes patiently awaiting the red with sparkles.

she squeals, so pretty Mommy

Wisps of baby hairs blowing about as we dry it with the big girl brush.

she shouts, so pretty.

Pursing her lips as she sees the curls bounce upon her head.

she whispers, just right Mommy.


Hopping down and skipping to her dress, she steps in while being ever so careful not to ruin her new sparkly nails.

she stares up at me, I’m so pretty.

She pulls on her shiny new shoes that were picked out especially for this day, inspects each nail to make sure nothing has been ruined.

I’m ready, she manages between excited laughter.


I watch as she twirls and spins and twists in her dress as she awaits her date.



This night is one that needs to be filed away in the memory banks because my heart quite possibly exploded right out of my chest as I watched her run to him. He’s hers, and he’s special, and she’s his, and his love for her….

Oh, these are the moments.

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