week12 paisley

I have had a date written on the calender for a few weeks now.

A certain little girl has been dying to see Cinderella.


So, finally as I tucked her into bed last night she looked up and asked, one more sleepover?

Yes my love, one more.

How special these ages are. The ones where spending time with Mommy and Daddy is an actual treat. I know how quickly that will fade and I want to try my hardest to soak up the moments that are left.

So today we will escape the busyness and the rest of the family just us two. She will put on her princess dress and special high heel shoes and we will watch Cinderella in the big seats with the big thing of popcorn just like a movie theater, and I will watch her, study her face and her smile, take mental pictures that I will be sure to look back on when she is grown.

These are the moments my heart gratefully overflows.

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