I always hear the saying it takes a village…to raise a child.

I am sure you all have as well. But one thing that I have learned over the years is how untrue that statement really is. I can’t help but think and say that it takes an entire country.

I often wonder what people do when they aren’t blessed with family or close friends near by.

I think back to when I was a working mom and the amount of help we truly needed. How we survived those years I will never ever really know. I had grandmas picking kids up at the last minute, Aunts and close friends watching the kids while I worked weekends, I even had Grandmas take off work when the kids were sick and I couldn’t.

Then we moved onto the years where sickness crept in, and did so fast and fierce. We would spend weeks in the hospital due to asthma flare ups and respiratory sickness. Weeks away from the other babies. Weeks where I realized how time doesn’t wait for you and life just continues to move on. I often thought about the moms who were living through a more serious illness. One where a week in the hospital felt like a relief. One where life would be spent in the walls of the hospital for months upon months. I thought how hard that must be and how much you would need your team, your village, and in those moments, your country to survive.

I think that’s why God created us the way he did. To love and thrive in community. Because really, that’s when we do best. I notice it most when I find myself too proud to ask for help, when I try and do it all, only to fail miserably and fall completely on my face. But then just as I think I have time to feel sorry for myself my people swoop in and pick me up.

Its beautiful, and I am blessed.

I mentioned the other day how we have gone through so much change these past few months and part of that was having our home sell and our dream homes fall through. We moved in with my parents with the intention to live there for a couple weeks and then our home would close. Well, that home fell through, and what was supposed to be two weeks turned into four months.

While it felt overwhelming and claustrophobic at times, my family of six became a family of eight. I had my mother and father with me to help me at all hours of the day and night. I watched them love on my kids and my husband more than I ever have in these past eight years.

It was beautiful, and I was blessed.

God’s plan is always so far from ours. We have these beautiful dreams that are tied up with a pretty red bow, and God has mountains to climb and ditches to dig through, but all the while it is beautiful, and teaching us more than we could ever learn from just unwrapping the perfect gift.

It takes a village and sometimes a country to raise a family friends, but I can’t imagine anything better.


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