My sweet wild one turns four on Valentines Day.

Oh my aching heart, four.

It’s the same thing every year but I just don’t know how we got here.

She is all sass and is all about her birthday this year.

We often have talks about her party, her request of course.

They go a little like this….

Mom no boys are allowed. Only girls. But little boys can come and that’s okay. You can come too mom but you have to wear a tutu. We are all wearing tutu’s. Only girls though because boys run and are loud. And we are having a tea party.

We have those talks approximately fifteen times a day. She’s her mothers daughter, what can I say?

I have had so much fun with her every year because he birthday is on Valentines Day, and she is my only girl, so bring on all the pink and all the glitter.

Well like she has stated over and over, we are having a girls only tea party, I have grand ideas and we are on the hunt for the perfect tea set.

For the food I was thinking teeny tiny sandwiches, these scones, some fruit, of course the most perfectly pink birthday cake, and other small snacks.

For drinks we will have real tea, with milk and sugar of course, strawberry lemonade, and some infused water with citrus fresh essential oil.

Now to the decor, which is probably my favorite part.

Minted has an amazing amount of Valentines Day party decor. Which is absolutely perfect.

They have packages where you can either pick or choose and create your own, or packages that are already put together for you like this one.


I love that you can personalize it and I love the simplicity of it.

I always try and make those treat and sip signs myself and well, my handwriting isn’t particularly pretty so you can only imagine.

I also love this garland.


I seem to collect garlands over the years and it goes perfectly with a few that I use every year.

I will probably also make coffee filter pom poms like I did last year because they were so simple and so cute.

And of course…since you have so many girls, I will have to get these crowns.


They are so simple and so so cute!

I’m sure I will be scouring Pinterest looking for more ideas, so follow along if you would like.

And if you want to check out wild ones birthday from last year you can here, but don’t judge my hair. Such a bad decision.

Happy Monday my friends!

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