Yesterday afternoon I stole the boys away and we went to the mall. I don’t even know if my kids really know what a mall is because we never go, Target what!?! 

So of course their overstimulated eyes were like glowing as they oohed and awed at every single store. At first it was cute but then became terrifying because I kept thinking I was going to have to buy all the dishes in Anthro because, well, boys. But after that catastrophe was avoided I took a step back and just watched them be, kids.

Life is so funny, because kids grow


You spend a few years just trying to keep them alive and then they are all legs and get that stinky kid smell and you sit back and wonder how the heck you got there.

So as we ran through the mall, literally. We walked past build a bear. Mind you, my kids don’t even know what build a bear is because I hate stuffed animals, I feel like they waste money and space and I don’t even think twice when I pile them into the Goodwill bag. But I looked in, and then I looked at my boys. MY BOYS. My grown, tall, smart, stinky, loving BOYS and knew that we needed to do this. So without a second thought I walked them in and let them pick out their favorite, clearance, stuffed animal and we went through the process.

I think they were so shocked that they were actually doing it they were quiet and just taking it all in, but then I saw the cool factor fade away and they were kids. Cute, innocent, little kids who were over the moon excited. They laughed and smiled and just genuinely were so happy that I couldn’t help but let my heart melt into a puddle on the ground.

They must have thanked me a hundred times as they beamed with pride and excitement carrying those little cardboard boxes, but I was secretly thanking them inside. Thanking them for being kids still, innocent little boys who still appreciate something like that. Who still truly love to be with me, and thank me, and do kid things like this, because when they don’t want to anymore I think I will be a giant mess of a mess who doesn’t know what to do with herself.

These boys man. They are something else. They drive me crazy and fill me with so much love and pride that I don’t even know what to think.

But one thing I do know, the unexpected surprises, those are the best ever to give. Way better than ever receiving. And yesterday, as simple and normal as it was, is a day I will tuck away for a very long time.

2 thoughts on “The simple days are the best days.

    1. Ashley Post author

      :) thank YOU for your kind words sweet one! I couldn’t believe how big they all are when I saw them at la casa…your baby girl is beautiful!


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