We are still working on 70-80 degree days here in Arizona. While that may not scream fall to the rest of you, it is pretty darn perfect to me. It’s cool enough out that I notice the difference, can layer on some warmer clothes, and can light a fall candle and not feel too silly.

This drink is perfect for that. It tastes like apple pie in a glass. You could definitely heat up the cider to keep warm on a cooler night, or keep the cider cold and enjoy this as a little before bed treat. Either way it really is delicious, and it’s super simple. I’m not much of an apple cider fan and I had this for lunch today. Oye. I have a way of cancelling out all of the workouts I do with the sweets I choose to indulge in. Self control, what’s that?!

Anyways, enjoy friends!




Apple Cider

Ginger Ale

Vanilla Ice Cream





Fill glass half full with warm or cool apple cider. Add equal amount of ginger ale. Top with vanilla ice cream and sprinkle of cinnamon.

//Optional Toppings

Caramel sauce.

Change out vanilla ice cream for salted caramel ice cream.

Use cream soda instead of ginger ale.


4 thoughts on “Apple Cider Float.

  1. Abby

    My oh my. I need to come to your house, because apparently that’s where all the delicious food is…
    I have a love for apple cider and look forward to it being “in season” here every fall. I’m definitely making this… I know my mom will love it too so maybe I’ll surprise her with a little treat! :)

    xo Always, Abby


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