When my sweet second born turned six his one and only request was cake pops.

Cake Pops!

I have made my fair share of cake pops but I truly believe these turned out better than any of the others I have made. I have kind of learned through trial and error what to do, and what not to do.

My second born has pretty severe food allergies. When I say severe, I mean he is allergic to almost everything.

That makes baking and cooking even more important. I have had to become very good at making homemade food, and learning how to make it easy.

I started off by making a homemade yellow cake mix. I made this mix when I made his birthday cake pancakes, because again, with the allergies I can’t used anything boxed.

For the mix I followed this recipe just scroll down and follow the yellow cake mix recipe. (The pancakes are fantastic too I highly suggest making them for your littles)

That recipe made enough cake mix to have leftovers so I just popped the extra into the freezer.

Once I was ready to make the cake pops I pulled out the extra and defrosted it. I then mixed the batter for the cake and poured into a 9×13 cake pan. Don’t worry about prepping the cake pan because you are just going to crumble the cake once its cooked.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for ten to fifteen minutes, check after ten and adjust cook time accordingly.

When cake is done you want to let it cool and then take a fork and crumble up the cake.

After you crumble allow the cake to continue to cool.

While cake is cooling you can make your cream cheese frosting.

Start with whipping the softened cream cheese and then add in half a stick of softened butter. Once those are combined add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one half cup of powdered sugar. I don’t like frosting that is really sweet so you can adjust the sugar to your preference. Once all the ingredients are combined fold in one half cup of sprinkles.

After your cake is completely cooled add in the frosting. I always add in one scoop of frosting at a time and incorporate it into the cake then slowly add more. My reason for doing this is its easy to add too much frosting and then your cake pops won’t hold shape. Once the cake is beginning to stick together you have the right consistency. The amount of frosting in the recipe is about perfect for the amount of cake made, but still add it slowly.

At this point I would start to roll out the balls. I use an icecream scoop to keep the size fairly similar. Just roll the cake into balls and set aside.

Once you have used all the cake put the “cake balls” into the freezer. This allows the frosting to set and also helps the coating to harden faster.

While the cake is cooling off in freezer begin to melt your coating. I have tried all different kinds…the vanilla, strawberry, mint, but the dark chocolate flavor is the most real. By the way, you want to make sure you get the candy melts. You can find them in the cake decorating aisle. These re-harden the fastest and unlike real chocolate, they wont become a drippy mess.

This is where my trial and error will help y’all out. Once you melt the candy you want to allow it to cool for a significant amount of time before you dip the cake pops. I am talking like at least five minutes. If you try and use it right away you will have a drippy mess. While the coating is cooling go ahead and get out your sprinkles and Styrofoam (this comes in handy for allowing cake pops to cool and also for presentation.)

Go ahead and put the sticks in all the cake pops and then begin dipping.

I dip it into the chocolate then swirl it around so the excess can drip off. Allow to set for a few seconds then sprinkle.

This part takes a lot of patience so grab a stool and turn on some music!


This recipe is seriously delicious and I hope my tips can help make this task a little easier. Your kids will love them and trust me, so will you!


Cake Pops

2 Cups Homemade Yellow Cake Mix (this recipe)

1 1/4 Cup Water

2 Eggs

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

Mix all ingredients together and pour into 9×13 cake pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Cream Cheese Frosting

1 Package Softened Cream Cheese

1/2 Stick Softened Butter

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar

1/2 Cup Sprinkles

Whip all ingredients together then fold in sprinkles.


Candy Coating

Cake Pop Sticks


Styrofoam for cooling and presenting

*makes about 1 1/2 dozen Cake Pops

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