While I have yet to photograph beautiful assortments of cookies for y’all this year….fear not!!

I have posted plenty of cookie recipes, can you tell that they are my weakness, so I decided to post a small compilation of some of my favorites for you all today.

I don’t always gift presents to all the teachers and helpers and amazing neighbors in our lives…but I do bake. And I have learned the key to anyones heart usually lies in their stomachs….at least I know mine does! So I just bake my little heart out and make the kids take the cookies to the neighbors…it teaches them to be kind and to give to others…and I only have to wave and say a few words from the distance…(raise your hand if you are an introverted extrovert….this girl!!!!!)

So here you have it…make some, make all, but be sure to share a few;)

Simply click the picture and it will take you right over to the recipe….


These cookies are seriously decadent. They are sweet and nutty and delicious and they will win over any mans heart…promise;)

brown butter cookies3

Browned butter, coconut, chocolate chips, I mean I am pretty sure this cookie has every teensy piece of my love language wrapped up into it.


While I doubt you would pass icecream cookies out to the neighbors…the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies is my go-to. This recipe calls for browned butter, which creates a chewy nutty and perfectly soft chocolate chip cookie. And save the icecream for when the kids go to sleep;)


This may not be a cookie…but this candy is by far my most requested Christmas treat. Every year people make super strange noises as they bite into these delicious salty sweet pieces of heaven.


And now we begin to get into my older photography…its kind of funny to see your pictures change over time. While I should probably re-photograph this recipe. These snickerdoodle cookies are divine. Moist, soft, fluffy, chewy, and perfect in every way.

Enjoy my friends. Indulge and treat yourself because we all know as soon as January hits we will be throwing out all the sugar and doing every cleanse imaginable.

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