During summers in Arizona I tend to cook a lot of meals that don’t require a lot of heat. This means we eat a lot of salads. Now my husband is very much a meat and potato man, so salads aren’t really his “thing”. This means I have to get creative and make some “manly food” into salads. That is exactly how the idea of this salad came to be, I took a guy favorite, the chicken wing, and turned it into a salad. Also, I’m pretty sure Chili’s has some sort of salad like this on their menu so it must be good right!?

For this salad you are going to need: lettuce, boneless chicken breast, carrots, celery, tomato, avocado, chicken wing sauce, ranch dressing, and some croutons.

Now, as far as the lettuce goes, I say pick your favorite. I always have romaine on hand so that is usually my go to, however you could also use green leaf lettuce or spinach and I’m sure it would be just as good. As for the wing sauce, you can find it at any grocery store near the condiments. Ranch dressing. Now this I am pretty picky about. I am not a fan of the bottled ranch so I don’t use that unless I have to. I personally like making my own. I just use the packet of all the spices and follow the directions on the back. Makes for a much tastier ranch dressing.

I went ahead and marinated my chicken in some of the wing sauce so it would be nice and juicy when I cooked it. You can marinate it for 30 minutes up to a day ahead of time, whatever time permits. I cooked the chicken on an indoor grill pan, however again, total preference on your cooking style. While the chicken is cooking I cut up all the veggies and prepared the salad. Once chicken is done slice it up, place it on top of salad, and top with a drizzle of ranch dressing and buffalo wing sauce.

To keep this salad kid friendly you can just leave off the buffalo wing sauce. This is a quick and easy dinner and will definitely please the man in your life.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

1 Bottle Wing Sauce

Ranch Dressing

Lettuce (I used romaine, but green leaf or spinach would work well)

2 Tomatoes Chopped

2 Ribs of Celery Diced

Handful Baby Carrots Diced

1 Avocado Diced


Feeds 5 full portions

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