Friends, my sweet second born is home and well.


We so appreciate your prayers. I honestly cannot thank you enough.

With that being said, my sweet second born has been a little, shall we say, spoiled for the past few days.

And the way we spoil this little guy, is with food.

I am all for teaching children healthy eating habits. I am very proud to say that my boys are extremely good eaters. They know to always ask before they have snacks, and they always know my answer will be something good for you, before something that is a “snack”.

You can teach your kids amazing eating habits, but, if you have a little guy like mine, whose love language is food, than that’s how you fill it.

People always laugh when I say that, but its the truth. That boy loves food.

All of it.

Especially the bad stuff.

I don’t make pancakes very often because of his allergies. We try to eliminate or cut down on wheat, and we can’t use any of the syrups from the store (I am also not a fan of maple syrup, crazy I know) so, making pancakes is always a treat.

I scoured the internet awhile back trying to find recipes for homemade syrup that didn’t involve corn syrup.

That was tough.

I found a few different ones and pulled from them for inspiration.

If you have never had homemade buttermilk syrup, you must try it. You will never ever ever want any other kind of syrup, I can almost guarantee it.

Just in time for a sweet Valentines Day breakfast, enjoy loves.



Buttermilk Pancakes

3 Cups All Purpose Flour

3 Tablespoons White Sugar

3 Teaspoons Baking Soda

3/4 Teaspoon Salt

3 1/2 Cups Buttermilk*

3 Eggs

1/3 Cup Melted Butter

Buttermilk Syrup

1 Stick Butter

3/4 Cup Buttermilk*

1 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Vanilla

*Buttermilk can be made by adding a small amount of lemon juice or vinegar to whole milk. A chemical reaction in the two ingredients cause the milk to slightly curdle giving it a sour taste like buttermilk. Simply add a little amount of either ingredient to the milk and wait for the milk to thicken, then use in recipe as buttermilk substitute.



Buttermilk Pancakes

Heat a lightly oiled pan over medium high heat. While pan is warming up combine dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, beat together buttermilk, eggs and melted butter. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and blend, being careful not to over mix. Pour or scoop the batter onto the pan, using 1/2 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot, with pat of butter and generous amount of buttermilk syrup.

Buttermilk Syrup

In a medium size pot add butter, sugar, baking soda, and buttermilk. Heat over medium high heat stirring continuously until butter is melted and the ingredients are combined. Bring mixture to a boil. Once boiling set a timer to 9 minutes and turn heat down to medium low (or whatever allows the mixture to slightly bubble but not boil). Cook for 9 minutes and then remove from heat (there will be foam on top this will settle as it cools) and add vanilla extract. Stir well and drizzle over pancakes.


//Recipes adapted from here and here all photography is my own, please do not use without permission.


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