That’s a pretty bold statement, yeah?

But seriously, this stuff is that good.

If I could live off of one food forever, it would be chips and salsa and guacamole. Is that two? Oh well.


This guacamole recipe came from one of my Dad’s cookbooks and has been slightly adapted by him, and then tweaked ever so slightly by me. It is a staple at every party or family get together and always gets requested. If you haven’t noticed most of my favorite recipes come from my father.

I remember growing up always telling him to just make simple things. I would complain about his extravagant cooking, much like my kids do with me, but my brother and I both love to cook now. So I guess all his hard work paid off.

Enjoy my friends, and invite me over if you make this.


 The Best Guacamole. Ever.


4 Large Avocados

2 Large Tomatoes deseeded and diced*

1 Yellow Onion diced

1-2 Jalapenos deseeded and diced**

2-3 Cloves Garlic minced

4 Tablespoons Cilantro chopped

Juice from 2-3 Limes

Salt and Pepper to taste

*Deseeding the tomato keeps the guacamole from having unwanted moisture. Simply cut the tomato in half and scrape out the seeds then continue to dice.

**The seeds of a jalapeno add a significant amount of heat. Keep them in if you like things spicy. Sometimes if I only have one jalapeno on hand I will use one with seeds in place of the two mentioned in the recipe.


 The Best Guacamole. Ever.


In a large bowl add the diced tomato, onion, garlic, jalapeno, and cilantro.  At this point you will have a very nice pico de gallo, so remember this recipe if you are ever wanting to make that. Lightly salt and pepper this mixture and combine well.


 In a separate bowl begin adding all of the avocados. You will then mush the avocados with the back of a fork until its all broken down, you can leave some lumps for texture but keep these minimal as most of your texture comes from the diced vegetables.


Add the avocados to your tomato mixture and gently fold in. You want to be sure not to break down the tomatoes because that is when the guacamole will get soupy and you will lose the fresh texture. After the mixture is well combined add your lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.


 Serve immediately with chips or your favorite tacos. If storing, I have a little tip to keep the brown from setting in. Flatten the guacamole down as much as possible, then place a piece of plastic wrap over the top and press down until plastic wrap is resting directly on the guacamole. Allowing no air to hit the avocados keeps them from browning. Store in your refrigerator and eat promptly.


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