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I have always loved cooking.

To me its an expression of my creativity. Combining different tastes and textures to create a delicious final product.

Over the years, as with anything, my cooking and baking styles have changed shape.

I have discovered that the more quality ingredients I use the better taste of the final product.

Common sense right!?

For example, smooth creamy grass fed butter has the most unbelievable taste, or real homemade vanilla extract made with real whole vanilla beans not only tastes amazing, but the smell is something that adds to the entire experience. Seeing the flecks of vanilla beans in whatever it is your making knowing you can leave your butter out on the counter and the taste will only get better as it softens, its these little things that take an ordinary recipe over the edge.

Who knew I could write an entire paragraph about butter and vanilla extract, right!? But seriously friends, its the attention to the little minute details that makes everything that much better yea?!

Okay, so this coffee.

I originally planned this post to highlight the vanilla bean caramel sauce. But, I made this sauce on a morning where I was feeling a little under the weather and had a laundry room full of dirty clothes and two sick little boys. So, I was craving Starbucks fiercely. I needed the moment, the one with the delicious coffee that instantly perked me up. So, with a little bit of my morning coffee left in the pot and a delicious vanilla bean caramel sauce hot and ready to go, I concocted my own drink. And it was pure joy in a mug my friends.

This may seem like a lot of work, but, the caramel and cream can be stored in your fridge for quite some time and can be added to your morning, or afternoon, or after dinner, or during naps (you get the point) cup of coffee.


salted caramel coffee

|Vanilla Bean Caramel Coffee|


for the caramel sauce

2 Cups Sugar

1 1/4 Cup Heavy Cream

6 Tablespoons Butter softened and cubed

1 Whole Vanilla Bean seeds scraped out

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

1 Tablespoon Sea Salt or kosher

for the cream

2 Cups Half and Half

1 Vanilla Bean seeds scraped out

for the coffee

Brewed Coffee of your choice

salted caramel coffee 1

|Vanilla Bean Caramel Coffee|


for the caramel sauce

In a large skillet over medium high heat add your sugar. Stir sugar to help it begin to melt. While sugar is heating up, add your vanilla beans and the whole vanilla bean to your heavy cream. Set aside. Continue stirring sugar and watch as sugar will go through several stages before the caramel will take shape. First it will begin to clump together.

salted caramel coffee2

Continue stirring sugar while it clumps and it will slowly begin to change to a darker amber color.

salted caramel coffee3

The sugar will begin to change color but there will still be clumps throughout. Continue stirring.

salted caramel coffee 4Once the sugar reaches this stage stop stirring and allow the sugar to continue to melt. Keep a close eye as the sugar can burn easily.

salted caramel coffee 5

Once the sugar is mostly completely melted stir and watch the color. You want a dark amber color, but a few seconds too long and it will burn. Once you reach a caramel color remove from heat.

salted caramel coffee 6

Drop in cubed butter but be careful as the caramel will bubble and steam. Stir to combine butter.

salted caramel coffee 7

After butter is combined add your heavy cream and stir. Caramel may clump together at this point if so set pan back on warm burner (not turning it on) and combine caramel and cream. After combined add vanilla extract and salt. Stir well and pour into a jar to store.

salted caramel coffee 8

To assemble the coffee, combine half and half with the whole vanilla bean and seeds. Allow the half and half to sit with the vanilla bean while you assemble coffee, this cream can be saved and kept in refrigerator and the vanilla flavor will get stronger over time. Add two tablespoons of caramel sauce to the bottom of a coffee cup.

salted caramel coffee 9

Next pour fresh brewed coffee over top of caramel, followed by a quarter cup (more or less) of half and half. Stir to combine and enjoy immediately.

salted caramel coffee11

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//original recipe and photographs

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