Today’s recipe is brought to you by an incredibly busy week and one overripe watermelon.

Tuesday evening my sister in law went into labor. Wednesday was my son’s eighth birthday. Wednesday we also had the appraisal on our home. And early Thursday morning I watched my baby niece come into the world.

Well, if that isn’t an incredibly amazing week then I don’t know what is.

So, with an empty refrigerator filled only with eggs and Costco lemonade I was contemplating what recipe to feature today for you all. Ya know, because I really haven’t cooked anything the past few days.

Well, I have been seeing watermelon lemonade floating around the interweb for the past few months and I thought, well, better late than never.

Have y’all tried Costco’s organic lemonade?

Its delicious, and pretty darn close to the infamous Chickfila lemonade that has my complete heart.

Add a little watermelon and you have yourself a delicious afternoon treat.

Enjoy my two ingredient recipe friends.


|Watermelon Lemonade|


1 Cup Lemonade

1 Cup Chopped Watermelon

Slice of Lemon and Watermelon for garnish


|Watermelon Lemonade|


Add lemonade and watermelon to blender. Serve over ice, garnishing glass with watermelon and lemon slices.

serves three


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