I know that we all will be saying it.

Where did that year go?

But really, it seemed to fly by. And looking back, its crazy to think of all that happened.

2013 was a year for my family.

I spent half of it pregnant, with my oldest son just starting in a new school, my husband continuing to build his business, and two other children at home.

We had ups, like my sweet baby being born in May, and we had downs, like my husband spending ten days in the hospital due to a car accident right after our baby was born. But throughout it all, we grew and we learned.

I heard something in church this last weekend that really stuck with me. We don’t see God through the windshield, we instead see Him through the rearview mirror. A lot happened in 2013 but God was right there, working on us, refining us, and bringing people around us the entire time.

I never once felt alone.

I have been seeing a lot of people who choose a word to define their new year. Something that they want to strive for and live out. Something that they pray over and work towards. As I sat in church Sunday words kept going through my head.





All of these words came and bubbled to the surface. I felt compelled to choose one of them. But as I sat there, and as I thought about the year we just went through and thought of each one of those words, God opened my eyes to the bigger picture. What did these words all have in common. What did I need in my life, what did my family need, what did my home need?


We had just walked through a season of hard times. A season that challenged our family and our faith. A season that was beautiful but also hard. A season where God refined us and shaped us.

We made it through those times by Gods grace. Because he surrounded us. And as I sat there and thought of all that he had done I felt overwhelmed with what his presence provides.


I can’t be fearless, or brave, or faithful, or even content, unless I am filled to the brim with His holy spirit. I can’t walk through the hard seasons, the seasons of trial and refinement, the seasons of struggle and pain, without being filled with his supernatural peace. I can’t walk through the good times, appreciate the triumphs, live with joy and contentment, unless I allow his peace to completely fill my very being.

I have four children. Four children ages seven and under. I have a husband who works hard for our family, who faces the struggles and stress of owning his own business. I have two boys who are in school. A daughter who is growing and learning and exploring more and more every day. And I have a son who needs me, whose life I sustain with my own. I have friends and family and a life. All of that can quickly and very easily spiral out of control, and often times it does.

More than anything I want peace to surround all of those things.

I want peace in my home, in my life, in my family, and in my marriage.

I want His peace to become mine.

After the Lord brought this word to my attention I began to pray about practical ways to bring peace into my life.

  • Quiet time. I need to get more regular at making this a priority each morning. This is the only place where I can fill up with His peace, and without that peace there really wont be any of this.
  • Yelling. I have a problem with this. I lose control and begin to feel like there is nothing left to do but yell. I need to work on this desperately. I have asked my kids to help me stick to this as well as my husband. This is an area that I really need to concentrate on in prayer and in asking the Holy Spirit to help me, because sometimes it feels like there is nothing I can do to make it better.
  • Discipline. I want to challenge myself and my kids to be obedient. I have a tendency to get busy with everything in the home and let true discipline slide. Its much easier to just send the kids to their rooms then it is to work on their hearts. This is something that I really want to strive to get better at.
  • Only three blog posts a week. I love this outlet, and I love this community, and I run with things that I get excited about. I feel like I am overflowing with ideas for posts, but it consumes a lot of time. Between editing pictures, editing posts, trying to get them out on social media, and all of that I found my entire nap time was filled each day. This left little room for me to get the necessary things done around the house that make me feel peaceful. When I have a cluttered and messy home I feel like I am surrounded in chaos.

I honestly cannot wait to see what the Lord does with this. I pray that I can truly be open and vulnerable and allow Him to work within me and through me. I pray that my home can become a home of peace, that I can have that peace in me and overflow through me. Welcome to 2014 friends, may it be a truly blessed year.


9 thoughts on “{2014} A year of…

  1. Heather Brown (@HeatherBProject)

    What a beautiful blog! I love the look of it. I really liked reading your goals, it seems like you have your priorities straight! As a do-er it is so hard for me to slow down and have the quiet time when there is so much around me I need to get busy at but I know-know-know that time with God is really the most productive thing I can do. Good luck, girl!


    1. Ashley Post author

      thank you so much!! thank you for taking the time to read my words as well, it always means so much to me! and trust me girl, I understand, I have to sit and focus on sitting and focusing;)


  2. noni

    so well said. I so much can relate to this, I also want to grow more in this particular area, it´s so important , to have his rest and peace, especially to rest in the everyday! thanks for sharing! many greetings, noni!


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