So December has kind of gotten away from me.

Between moving, getting unpacked, a complete shift in our routine due to some answered prayer, and a whole lotta other life moments, this blog began to collect some dust, as it should when life gets in the way.

While I am still checking in a couple times a week its nothing like I would like it to be.

I have yet to do a home tour, or even a recipe, mainly because I don’t feel settled enough to show you around, and I still haven’t figured out the lighting in this house. But, I have decorated for Christmas, and I think this is my most favorite year of decorations yet.

I scaled back, kept things simple, and really quite natural. It’s funny how your taste and decorating sense develops and changes over the years. I still remember our first bathroom, red with black everything. And now I don’t even want to put a thing on the walls.

So, my Christmas decorations involve a whole lot of greenery some natural colors and a touch of glitter. Because really, what other time of year can you get away with glitter.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

-Buddy the Elf

If I had a quote for Christmas mine may be something about spreading glitter, oh yeah, and eating cookies, all the cookies.

001 copy

This is our first year ever having a fire place.

Needless to say the husband asked if there was even a mantle underneath all that stuff. Guys just don’t get it do they? But…..hashtag nice rack?!? Yea???


Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes….

003 copy

Give to me all the glitter, specifically gold.

Please and thank you.

004 copy

I have seriously contemplated calling Christmas off and filling all of these stockings with coal. Mine included. But I am not sure these sweet little stocking holders could handle that much weight.

006 copy

I still so love our Christmas Tree.

The memories are amazing but I also love how simple it is. Kind of reminds me of a perfect combo of the tree from how the grinch stole christmas and charlie brown.

009 copy

Our tree is a nice combination of homemade ornaments and super special ones, like my hand blown glass ones that go all the way up at the tippy top so curious little hands can’t even think about touching them.

012 copy

Simple is key this year.

The simpler the better.

014 copy

And what it is all about anyways.

I love this Nativity set. If it was the only Christmas decor I had I would be happy.

Oh and that mini teeny tiny nativity, that is the saving grace of the big one. Little hands can set it up and take it down over and over again until they lose interest. Thank goodness.

016 copy

I love all the green scraps left behind from the christmas tree. I think that is the best part of having a real tree. Free decoration, that doesn’t need to be stored afterward.

021 copy

020 copy

And there you have it.

A simple Christmas.

Not picturing all the piles of laundry and half full coffee mugs.

Have a blessed week my friends.

/He leaves us with Peace print via Naptime Diaries

/Let it Be.. and Better Person sign via Jaxn Blvd

7 thoughts on “A More Simple Christmas.

  1. Abby

    Well I certainly laugh at your jokes too! ;). Your style of decorating is just absolutely perfect. I love the rustic, sparkly, old fashioned feel of everything. Wanna come decorate my place too? Haha!

    xo Always, Abby


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