Well hello.

It’s been a hot minute since I have popped in here.

December was busy, yeah?!

Christmas, New Year’s, and now we are here, at this fresh new start.

At church on Sunday they said how God was pretty amazing at thinking of how much we would need and want fresh starts.

Between New Year’s and Birthdays, we just get to hit that refresh button.

We get to refocus and see what needs to change.

I, like many others, am hopping on the eating healthier train. While I am always a big lover of whole healthy foods, I also have probably one of the biggest sweet tooth’s ever, so I definitely need to reset that.

It’s been cold here, I don’t know whereabouts you are reading from but here in AZ we are not used to the cold, and this past weekend…..well, it was a doozy.

Frost on the ground and lows well below freezing, I felt a little like a fish out of water, but it was fun!

After checking out a lot of my most popular posts from last year I noticed one common thread, food.

I can’t help but think that that is the route this blog needs to take. I know for one I love the creativity behind styling photos and creating recipes you all love, but I also love the quirky little stories I get to include. So for another New Year refresher, I think I will pull that camera out and begin to delve back into food posts.

I hope you all have a wonderful fresh week back in the normal flow. Have an extra smoothie and a handful of nuts to curb that sugar craving if you’re anything like me;)

Catch ya guys later!

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