I want to take a moment to document all that life is bringing us these days.

I feel like one of the best parts of blogging is being able to take a look back at all that was, and all the wisdom that was gained, all the memories that were made, and just the moments being recorded for all time. Isn’t that the goodness? I have been failing at baby books lately, but this space, I can’t help but think it is even better, a living journal of sorts for my children to look through as they grow up.

Lately my sweet oldest has been growing and learning and we have been working so hard with his reading. And guys, he is flourishing. He is reading chapter books out loud to me and while some days its harder to have him do it than others, we push through and we make it happen and the perseverance that he is learning already is unbelievable. Something that I am embarrassed to admit that we just started is praying over our reading time together. We ask the Lord for strength and clarity and for his mind to focus and work correctly, and friends, its amazing how God delivers, and how this just solidifies my thoughts on homeschooling.

My second born is so bright. He reads a mile a minute, thrives in school, loves his friends, but is struggling to find his place at home right now. I think that this has a lot to do with his independence. He has never really needed much attention and just kind of gets things done and goes about his business. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that he is so easy, and he is always able to be counted on to get his work done, but a curse in the fact that I find myself taking advantage of it. And that is never good. I need to work on loving him harder, pulling him aside and letting him know how awesome he is, and helping him refine the character God has given him.

My sweet, sweet girl. She is on fire lately. So full of life, so happy, and so much fun. Four was always a hard age for me with the other two, but man, she is redeeming it. She is lovely and fun and fierce and just four. I love it. Baby girl has taken a liking to gymnastics and she is so dang good. She was quickly moved through the classes and now settles in nicely in the developmental class. She flourishes out there and truly loves it. I thought I would be pushing her too hard moving her up into such a disciplined class at such a young age but man, that’s her jam and I am excited to see where God takes her.

My baby. Oh my sweet sweet baby. He is going to be two in a couple months and I cannot believe it. We still haven’t completely weaned but we are pretty darn close. He is a joy though, still loves me fiercely and prefers me over anyone. He is talking up a storm and loves his brothers and sisters more than anything.

This is what life is about sweet friends, goodness gracious, my heart is full and happy and just could sing His praises all day long. It’s not easy, its hard work, there are tears and hurt hearts and frustrated minds, but when I sit back and recount all these blessings, those just fade to the background.

God is so so good.

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