Oh goodness gracious it is so crazy lately. Schools out for….ever now;) well not really but choosing to bring all four of my kids home and educate them here creates a complete change in our schedule. One I am still not used to, but also one that I am so excited about and cannot wait to get started.

Have y’all heard of Classical Conversations?

If you haven’t, and are a homeschooling family, take a peek around that webpage..its an awesome curriculum and one that I am so blessed to be a part of!!

If you didn’t notice, our team, Joy Drop Culture, is growing like crazy. Our website launched at the beginning of the month and we have had a pretty full calendar of classes and business launches and I am incredibly blessed by this new venture.

It’s funny how my word for the year was slow and it has felt anything but that. But then when I take a step back I see God refining me in the busy. Even though its busy, he is teaching me how to carve out my moments of slow. How to see the good in all the crazy, because friends, its really, really, good.

I am sorry its been so long, but my heart knows that I need to let go of certain things, again the gift of the Lord refining me, and I am okay with that. Follow along on our team site, and follow along on facebook. And if you want to join in on this amazing oily journey, I would love to have ya! Shoot me an email, we can chat about all the exciting goodness that is to come!

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