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I read a blog post yesterday by Ashley of Under The Sycamore.

It hit me so hard.

In it she talked about a conference she had been to and a speaker who had related the weeks you have with your child from birth to age 18. He said to place a marble in a jar symbolizing each week…and each week that passed to remove one. It was intended to give you a visual of how quickly the time truly does pass.

She went on to talk about how her children would remember her. Which qualities would they appreciate and what memories would stand the test of time.

Friends, my oldest is going to be nine in a couple months.



He is halfway to eighteen and if that time goes anything like the past nine well then it will be here faster than I can think.

I always talk about moments in this space. About how the moments can be big, small, happy, sad, or anything at all, but its the culmination of moments that matter and make up memories. They aren’t going to necessarily remember the day they got the new bike, but they will remember all the times you were with them when they rode it. The times you crammed the bikes in the back of your truck just because they wanted nothing more but to ride it up the big hill at the park.


Friends, I am one that is quick to say no.

Sometimes it flies out of my mouth before I even think of the question, and most of the time the kids are surprised when I do say yes. 

But how long do I really have to say yes. To say yes to the mess, the extra cookie, the day at the park, the jump into the pool. They are all so fleeting. All these simple things that bring smiles to their faces.


Last night we were sitting at dinner and with the big two away with grandparents we had a quiet meal just my husband and I.

It was nice, but I looked at him and said, goodness this is how it will be.

And while I am excited to have time with my husband, time we didn’t really have before children, I am also feeling the weight of truly appreciating these moments we are given with these babes.

It’s such a gift, one that I don’t want to rush through, or survive, but appreciate and savor.

These moments get me every single time, and its funny what draws us back to the importance of them all.


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