Cold and flu season is dwindling down but if your kids are anything like mine they hang onto the coughs until the bitter end.

This trio however, liquid gold I tell ya. 

I slather this on before bed and add to the diffuser and it quickly calms that nagging and annoying cough.

We know thieves is amazing at killing any and all bacteria or viruses and we know frankincense is great at promoting lung health and is a great immunity boosting oil, but R.C., y’all this is a must have. R.C. is a blend of eucalyptus oils that helps to promote healthy lung function. It’s also great at opening up bronchial tubes that are inflamed or even sinuses that are full.

You need this trio in your arsenal!

I can so confidently say that these oils are helping my kids have a better life, you know why?

Every.single.year. we have spent weeks in the hospital due to respiratory issues and this year?

Not one.

In fact, my sickly son hasn’t even come down with a cold.

All the praise hands friend.

And I truly believe this is because God created mighty natural plants to help keep us healthy and through prayer we have been using those natural resources.

I don’t know about you but this is life changing.

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