Friends, I am loving pinterest lately. I just hop on at the end of the night usually, you know during the commercial breaks of all my favorite shows, which I am embarrassed to say is like a million. If you want to see what I am crushing on join me, and be sure to leave your name in the comments, I am totally needing some new friends:)

Have y’all seen the Apple watches? Pretty fantastic, yea? Well check out this video about the gold apple watch….it’s hilarious.

So I am pretty sure y’all have seen this video, unless you have been hiding in a cave but it gets me every single time. Like to tears, and since I am in a funny mood this morning I thought I would pass along this gem again, because y’all, I am drowning and they through me another one.

Ever wonder why videos go viral? I truly think its kind of the luck of the draw, some people share, others see them sharing so they do too, then you see how many shares so what the heck, now you have to. Right!? Well this article breaks it down for you, if you want to think it happens for any given reason I suppose;)

Last night I hosted my first ever online essential oils class. I don’t foresee that video going viral by any means, but I wanted to open it up to anyone who may be interested in watching. The video will become private after the weekend, but if you have a chance to watch, please do, and I would love to have y’all join my team:) Follow along here if you want some daily inspiration, and if you would like more information, as always leave your email in comments.

And lastly, I am hosting a giveaway over on my friend Elizabeth’s blog that will close today. Hop on over for some super easy ways to enter, and to take a look around, her blog is so inspirational.

What are some fun blogs y’all love? Do you love pinterest as much as I do? What is your name so I can follow you? Any links you want to share?

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