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I wanted to introduce y’all to a few of my favorite mixes.


We all have them, yea?

Well this allergy trio is magical. Seriously.

As most of you know my son has really bad allergies, so bad that he usually can’t ever breathe out of his nose. Until we introduced this combo.

While he isn’t old enough to swallow a gel capsule he does find relief through the diffuser and topical method.

What are you waiting for?

I posted a short little video on my private Facebook group which has a few recipes of my favorite mixes that I put in roll ons and this was one of them. Want access to that awesome group? And resources on how to use these oils in your everyday? And a great community that will encourage you with every step you take? Then join us! We are growing like crazy and would love to have you be a part of it! And trust me when I say we don’t pressure ya, we empower you and encourage you in ways to naturally help your family. Its an awesome thing we have going. Email me for some information friends, we would love to have ya!

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/I am not a doctor and I do not claim to be a doctor. I am simply a mom who has learned through experiences. Please if you are on medication, don’t stop, and ask a doctor before beginning an essential oil regimen. Anything mentioned on this blog is exclusively related to Young Living Essential Oils and I cannot emphasize that enough.

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