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I think this is an essential oil that we are all pretty familiar with. At least the name. Frankincense was one of the three oils presented to baby Jesus the night he was born. It is considered a holy oil, and plays key parts throughout history dating all the way back to King Tut, it was found in his tomb. 

This oil, when ordered on its own has a pretty hefty price tag, but if you order the premium starter kit you are lucky enough to have it included in the pack of the ten everyday oils.

Frankincense has quickly become one of my favorite oils. The smell is very earthy, sweet, and warm and I actually really love it, but I rarely diffuse it just because of all the other benefits of this oil and me treating it special because of that price tag.

The uses of this oil vary from healthy lung support to calming and centering to reducing fine lines and wrinkles to helping you feel more spiritually centered. It really is a powerful oil. I will highlight some of the ways I have personally loved using it.

  • Face Cream– I premix a nightly face and body cream in a mason jar and use it nightly and after I shower. Frankincense is known for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and preventing premature aging, it is actually used in Young Living’s line of age defying products, so I just make my own. I fill a mason jar with coconut oil and add in ten to twelve drops of frankincense and ten to twelve drops of lavender oil. That way I get the preventative benefits and the moisturizing and calming benefits of the two oils combined.
  • Healthy Lungs– I especially used this benefit over the weekend. My kids all seemed to come down with croup one after the other so I tapped into the healing property of this oil. I diffused frankincense (which I know I said I don’t like to because I savor this oil, but I really needed to) with peppermint oil, to help cut through the bronchial irritation. I also mixed a couple drops peppermint oil and a couple drops frankincense oil with some coconut oil and applied directly to her chest and throat.
  • Calming, Centering, and Uplifting– Simply smell frankincense directly from the bottle before you begin your meditation or quiet time and it will help you to become more spiritually centered and focused.
  • Immune System– Rub on bottoms of feet, along spine, and behind ears to help promote a healthy immune system.

There are so many other uses for frankincense oil but these seem to be my most used and favorite ways. If you are interested in ordering the starter kit, or any oils… I have added an essential oil page to help you along the way, but like always, leave your questions or emails in the comment section and I would be more than happy to help you out.

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