So as I am sure you all know, I have an undying love for essential oils.

I have been using them since October and I see such a change in our home that I am too excited not to share with anyone who will listen.

We have used them for sickness, sleep aids, cuts and scrapes, attitudes, emotions, attention, the list can continue on for quite some time.

I know that you all are bombarded with them right now, they seem to be the next big fad, yeah?

But sit with me a moment.

They have been around since God created the heavens and earth.

He placed each one of us on this Earth for a specific purpose, he knows the number of hairs on our head.

So why wouldn’t he place every plant on the Earth for a specific purpose.

He gave us everything that we need to survive and thrive. It’s human nature to use it or not.

I am beyond happy that these oils are becoming a new “fad” because I can’t help but think God has wanted them to for quite some time.


Like I said, my love is undying, and I want yours to be as well.

I am offering a pretty amazing deal for y’all today if you want to join me on this journey.

Sign up today and I will send you a roller ball of my favorite oil (which is not in the starter kit) Cedarwood.

Cedarwood is fantastic for calming and grounding. Use it as a sleep aid, or to call some overworked nerves. It also is great at firming and helping with cellulite. Friends, its a miracle oil. But I am pretty sure I say that about every oil.

My team is still growing, so my attention to helping you achieve a more natural lifestyle and get the most out of your starter kit is completely personal. I am here for you and I want to equip you with the necessary tools to help your family.

Simply follow this link to sign up and I will get in contact with you to get you as much information as possible, add you to our closed Facebook group, and get you your welcome gift.

Thank you friends, I am excited to join you on this journey!!!

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