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Remember that time when I unpacked the premium starter kit with y’all?

Well, I think I should finish it, don’t you?

We have already discussed, what essential oils are, lavender, frankincense, purification, and thieves oil.

So today we are unpacking lemon essential oil.

Lemon is just that. 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon essential oil.

In fact, because these are such concentrated oils it takes about 75 lemons to make up a full size bottle of lemon oil.

Young Living’s lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of the lemon, meaning it is never heated, so it is not losing any of those amazing benefits that this oil comes by naturally.

Lemon essential oil contain about 68% of d-limonene, which is a powerful antioxidant, that has been shown to in some cases shrink tumor growth. You can see one article here. Lemon is also naturally detoxifying so it may help naturally cleanse your liver and kidney if ingested in small amounts, and always out of a glass bottle or cup.

I love lemon oil, and use it almost daily, so lets jump right into some everyday uses.

  • Natural Detox and Appetite Suppressant- Add a drop into your water each morning. You can naturally cleanse toxins this way. Be sure to drink out of glass because citrus oils can break down plastic material.
  • Natural Cleaner- Mix a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar and add 5-10 drops lemon oil and 5-10 drops melaleuca oil. This can be used as an all purpose cleanser because lemon oil is known for its antibacterial properties.
  • Sore Throat Remedy- Add a drop of lemon and a drop of thieves to warm water and add a spoonful of honey to help a sore throat.
  • Natural Degreaser- Use 1-2 drops on any gunk or goo or crayon marks and wipe clean.
  • Cooking- Use in place of lemon zest or lemon juice in recipes.
  • Massage Oil- Massage into cellulite to help increase blood circulation and eliminate toxins.
  • Energizing and Air Purifying- Diffuse lemon to purify the air and to energize you when you are feeling sluggish or tired.
  • Face Wash- Use lemon oil in your daily face wash to help balance your skin. Lemon oil may help balance oil production.

Do you have any favorite ways to use lemon oil? Are you interested in hearing more?

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