Sleep is something that for a very long time has been few and far between.

Between four kids, a husband, and a dog, I feel like someone is always waking, and usually waking up mama. Why do they feel like mama should be waken up instead of Daddy? Is that just my house? Goodness.

Well, when we started using Essential Oils, I knew I wanted a sleepytime blend that I could introduce into a bedtime routine.

Now, I don’t want to stand here and say that this magical little blend will for sure 100% help you and your kids sleep all night long soundly, because if that isn’t the case you will stand there and say I lied and don’t know what I am talking about;) but I will say it works for my family.

My kids, my husband, and I use this every single night and if I forget I get reminded.

The smell is soothing and who can resist a little foot rub. If anything that sweet little moment of connection is worth it in my book.

Give it a try, you will love it.

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