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I am continuing my series of unpacking the Young Living premium starter kit.

I started off just introducing you to essential oils, and last week we learned about lavender and today we are going to learn more about Thieves Essential Oil blend.

Thieves Essential Oil oil is a blend of essential oils exclusive to Young Living.

I also think it is the most well known of the oil blends and definitely one of the most popular, with good reason.

Thieves oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary. This blend makes for an amazing rich earthy aroma, and because each of those oils individually are known for their strong immunity boosting and antioxidant properties, together they make for an amazing oil to be used to support a healthy immune system.

There are so many uses of thieves but before we get started I want to make sure you take note of a few precautions. Because of the spicier oils that make up Thieves blend you want to make sure to always use a carrier oil when applying topically or taking internally. The only time that I don’t use a carrier oil is when I am using it on feet. I feel like feet aren’t super sensitive and can withstand the slight burning sensation that is felt when Thieves is applied directly. Another thing to keep in mind with Thieves is that when diffusing it is best to set the diffuser on the burst mode. You don’t want to continually diffuse Thieves like you do the other oils. So setting the diffuser on the burst mode allows it to be diffused appropriately. Simply press the on button twice and you’re good to go.

Now on to the ways to incorporate Thieves into your everyday life.

  • Apply to bottoms of feet when you begin to feel run down, or apply daily to bottoms of feet to support a healthy immune system during cold/flu season.
  • If you feel a sore throat coming on, dilute a drop of Thieves with a small amount of coconut oil and gargle for a few minutes.
  • Mix a drop of Thieves with coconut oil and swish in mouth for ten to fifteen minutes (known as oil pulling) for better oral health.
  • Add a drop of Thieves to your toothbrush and brush to help maintain healthy gums.
  • If you have a toothache apply a drop of Thieves to a Q tip and rub the gums of the tooth that hurts, it will help to numb the tooth.
  • Diffuse on burst mode to help purify the air and rid the environment of germs.
  • Inhale directly from bottle when feeling run down or tired.
  • Add a drop to your washer to help freshen the clothes.
  • For acne take internally in a vegetable capsule, diluted, and apply topically directly to face, diluted.
  • Apply diluted to upper chest if suffering from a respiratory infection.
  • Use to disinfect toys, counters, floors.
  • Add to hot tea to help support healthy immune system.
  • Apply topically for warts, and take internally in a vegetable capsule diluted.

The list could really go on and on. Anything that you need to rid germs off could essentially be on there. Thieves oil is gold during this season, and I am so excited to introduce it into our everyday.Especially because those of you who have followed along for some time may know, but my boys suffer from pretty severe asthma. Last year my second born was hospitalized in the ICU because of the flu, so you better believe we are using this daily.

If you have any favorite ways to use Thieves oil, please leave a comment and let me know:) I love the community of essential oil users because we all have one common goal in mind, a healthier life, naturally.

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3 thoughts on “Thieves Essential Oil.

  1. Emily Barnes

    We are loving Thieves here too! My husband came home from work with a scratchy throat last week. I made him some tea that I had found on Pinterest and he loved it. His sore throat was gone in just a day or two.


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