One day after little miss protested dance class, yet again. We hit up a brand new local thrift store. This store was awesome. It was like Goodwill on steroids. It was probably three times the size of a normal Goodwill and since the store had just opened there were so many unfound treasures.

So, I did what anyone would do. I gave all those treasures a home.

On my wall.

I have wanted a gallery wall in the living room for quite some time but for different reasons haven’t tackled the project. Well, that changed…real fast.

I scooped up all the different frames, and the horn and a couple more items that didn’t make it on the wall for fifteen bucks. Along with the thrifted items some of the pieces were things I already owned, and a couple I purchased at an amazing vintage market a couple weekends ago. Add in a can of spray paint and I redid my wall for pretty darn cheap in a way that I am so completely in love with.

I really didn’t have any rhyme or reason to how I placed the pieces up on the wall. I arranged all the pieces so they looked somewhat visually balanced. I have changed things around a few times since putting them up, as I would see that a frame would look better a little higher or lower.

Usually when I hang pictures I use a big piece of butcher paper and arrange the frames then hang the paper on the wall and put screws in there appropriate places, but the littles had used up all the butcher paper. So, in my usual impulsive nature, I put a million and one holes in the wall, then filled them, then painted over them. Needless to say, I created much more work for myself, so I highly recommend the butcher paper technique.

Gallery walls are so fun because they are all unique and individual. I hope you enjoy mine and I would love it if you would comment with a link to yours. Because honestly I really enjoy being nosy and seeing how others decorate!


gallery wall4



gallery wall3


//Gold deer with yarn embellishments and let it be sign made by the lovely JaxnBlvd.

//He Leaves Us With Peace sign by the beautiful Naptime Diaries.

//Mini Bunting by the lovely Sara of Little Tidbits of Joy.

//Photos of my littles by Ace Fanning Photography

//Photos of my sister in laws wedding by the ever talented Ali of Imaginale Design

|Tonight is the last night for the Minted giveaway|


7 thoughts on “Gallery Wall.

  1. Abby

    Love love loveee this wall! I’m having total home decor jealousy right now! ;) It looks like something right off the pages of Real Simple and I won’t be surprised when it’s all over Pinterest. :) You have serious talent, my friend.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you and yours!
    xo Always, Abby


  2. elizabeth

    Ashley! I love love love this! It is so beautiful! I love the creativity and uniqueness of it all! I also adore thrifts stores and spray paint! most of my frames in my house were crafted that way!!! love the Naptime Diaries print!


  3. Sara

    Love it!! I agree you have some serious talent and an amazing eye for this stuff. I have been going to goodwill and still find nothing. I wanted to try epic thrift on 19th and union hills.


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